Amy....Oh My! Anniversary:)

I started blogging one year ago today! I've been going back through my posts from the past and having a good time remembering all of the events and emotions I've documented here. I originally started this blog with the purpose of sharing pictures of Parker with family members who don't live near us, but it really has turned into something much more. You see, the whole idea of a blog was (and still is) a bit foreign to many people and so the original purpose still is there, but it isn't the only reason I blog. Now I blog for me:) Blogging has been such a great outlet for me...and now I don't know what I would do without it! I like to say that I won't go nuts as long as I clean my house and make sure I post on my blog...totally kidding but you get my point:) As a mom who stays home with the kiddos, it is quite easy to feel isolated and alone in this crazy adventure, but this blog has provided a place for me to express all of the amazing...and not so amazing moments of my life. I think this is healthy for anyone, especially me! It also given me avenues to connect with old friends and meet others who are blogging. I've said before that I've met some really special friends through blogging and this has been the biggest blessing of all.

I've put together some highlights from this past year in my little blogging world...

*My first post cracks me up...I was so serious and cautious! What was up with that? Okay, so maybe being cautious is a good thing, but I've learned to let loose a bit!
*We were blessed with our first house in May of last year. I love looking at these pictures of our house before it became a "home".
*I announced our second pregnancy here in June, shared many a growing girth pictures along the way, and then announced the arrival of out little Griffin in February!
*Joel graduated from PA school in September and then we were able to go on a wonderful vacation, just the two of us...
*This is not a highlight, but during my pregnancy with Griffin, there were many times that I should have renamed my blog "One Big Mess of Hormones"...sorry! I look back and read and I'm amazed at how opinionated and slightly sassy I became. I also had a pretty bad attitude at times. But I wanted to be real...right? At least something (someone!) beautiful was created in the process.
*I also learned some blogging lessons about what not to say...I was totally embarrassed after I made a random comment about how I like shoes off in my house. I've done this a few other times but I don't want to link to them because I'll turn a couple more shades of red:)
*But I've also been able to share some positive reflections and lessons I've learned along my journey. Even if no one reads my words, I love being able to document and to go back and read about things I've forgotten!
*I admit to using my blog to brag about my boys and show off pictures--I just can't help myself! And then there are just the everyday happenings that make up most of my writing...and I won't link to any of those either because there are too many!

I told myself a year ago that if I start blogging for the sole purpose of receiving lots of great comments or feedback, then it would be time to stop. However, thank you to those of you who read and allow me to have my little voice heard from time to time...I'm having fun!

*a little add-on to today's post...it has nothing to do with what I just wrote, by the way...

Please pray for some special orphans and the work my friend Gina is involved with in China... and follow this link to find out how you can help.


Kim said...

I agree, even though I am not a blogging guru (i just started) but I too love doing it b/c it's an outlet for other things, kind of like a journal. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more!

Aleah said...

Happy anni to you and your blog!
I'm so glad you started and then showed me!
I love watching your boys grow through the blog world. : ) If we weren't connected this way can you imagine what a shock it'd be to see each other after a year?!

You have very insightful posts and a very natural way of writing about your life. I love it!

Jennisa said...

Amen sister...this is TOTALLY my outlet during the day. It's nice to have some adult interaction! And, what a great place to meet bloggie friends!

Tammy said...

Congrats on your blogging anniversary! It's been fun getting to know one of my cousins a bit better these past few months! :)

Kati said...

I too am so glad you started this blog. If it wasn't for you, I may have never started one on my own.

Although I'm still not a blogging guru (as kim said), the more and more I get into it, the more and more I am enjoying myself and the outlet it provides!!!

Thanks again, and happy anniversary to you!

Jen said...

Congrats! I must say that I love reading your blog and sharing mine with you. Life is so crazy, but our blogs help us to stay connected! I admire you (and your little family) so much. You're so wise (as a person and a mom) and I truly hope that I will follow in your footsteps!

Wendy said...

I completely agree about it being an outlet and also a way to look back and remember some of the everyday happenings.

I have enjoyed getting to know you and praying for you (during your birth and pregnancy) through your blog.

Wendy said...

I just reread that and laughed at "your birth." The birth of your son. :)

Sarah said...

I am falling in love with blogging, for the same reasons you mentioned. As a stay at home mom of two girls (hey, are you in to match making?:)), I need this outlet, and the Lord speaks to me in countless ways through the people I've met here. I'd love to get to know you better! I found you through Jenn(Munchin Land), one of my very best friends.

Munchkin Land said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary to you!! =) I have loved getting to know you through our blogs and I really feel like I have found a special friend! =)

The other day my mom said that she thinks that we (I) using blogging as an online journal and I couldn't agree more. Have a wonderful weekend!

Elise said...

I love coming over here and reading about daily life in your home! :)
It reminds me of what it was like adding a second child to our home; and I laugh with you, cry with you, feel frustrated with you...
Thanks for blessing others for a whole year! Here's to many more!

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