No Faking

So... I've come to the conclusion that you just cannot fake a clean, hardwood floor. Our floor in our house is almost completely a dark Oak (except for the kitchen and bathroom). It is really beautiful and one of the reasons we fell in love with our little treasure in the first place. I like being able to know that my floor is really clean. With carpet, you never really know what is underneath all of that cushy lovliness, do you? I mean, it might feel good but are you always in the presence of filth?! If my floor looks clean, it really is. I like being authentic:) It is a lot of work but really worth the battle. I sweep constantly and mop all the time but there always seems to be a lonely crumb here and there.

A little sidenote: I feel really blessed when people take off their shoes before coming into my house. How respectful! I can't help but feel panic when I see dirty shoes leaving a mess. Anyway...back to the real subject.

As I was mopping last night, I was thinking about how it is easier to be authentic as a person, when we have less to cover up with...kind of like carpet over a hardwood floor. Joel and I are in the process of trying to simplify our life. We intentionally bought a small home with the hope of living a "smaller" life with less material things. So many people have made comments about this being our starter home when, in reality, we hope to stay here for a very long time. We are trying not to be swept up in the trend of buying more and more and moving up and up. What is the point? I think that if we got on that track, we might end up cluttering our lives with so many "things" that we may have a much harder time being our authentic selves...a harder time being the people God intended us to be. I want to live my life like a hardwood floor. If it is messy, I want that to be clear to those who know me well. If my life is looking good, I also want that to be apparent. I don't want to have the option of faking it...kinda like my floor! It is a lot of work but certainly worth the battle.

By the way, if you come into our house and don't feel comfortable taking off your shoes, I will really be okay with that:) Honest.


Mom said...

I am going to copy your quote (which I find incredibly profound as well as 'authenticly' YOU!)into my journal.

"I want to live my life like a hardwood floor." ~Amy Randall

I absolutely love it!

Love Mom

Kelsey said...

Sometimes your posts are so deep and thought provoking that I don't even want to comment because I fear that my words will not be adequate. Geesh, you have such an amazing perspective on life! You are so full of wisdom and I love getting to hear the words of your heart. I love you!


P.S. I wear my shoes around your house, but you know that wearing socks or going barefoot grosses me out!

JennG said...

Well said, Amy, well said. We'll be looking for our "first home" in November and I keep reminding my husband that we don't need much. We're also looking for ways to simplify our life, including not getting cable when the time comes. (Gasp!) But as Jon pointed out, if we don't have it, we won't be tempted to vegge, when we could be doing more things together. Good for you guys!

Ginainchina said...

great thougts amy... i love hearing your thoughts, they challenge me. I am so thankful for your friendship. i know what you mean abouthow nice it is whenpeope take their shoes off, we have the same kind of floor in china that you can SO tell... althought soemetimes i don't know what is worse because sometimes my feet are much dirtier than my shoes HA HA HA... like stinky, ya know that awful teva smell. :)

Kyle said...


Your blog today blessed Jen and I!


Jenny in Queensland said...

Amy, your post made so much sense. You can make things sound sound so simple and obvious. I have been thinking about this subject for the last few months and was hoping that our move to China will show us how we can do with out all our possessions and live a simple life.
I too will be saving this post.
Thank you

HolyMama! said...

what a beautiful perspective! (refreshing, too.)

Jen said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post! Nick and I have had many discussions regarding this topic and your post inspired another. I love your honesty! Hope to see you soon!

Vicky said...

Can't wait to see you place :)
Miss you

Love from San Francisco

Paul & Vicky

Vicky said...

I meant "your" place

Aleah said...

Ahh.... hard wood floors. Yes, yours are beautiful!

I've had my mind on wood flooring for some time. And a dog. You guys need a dog for that one single crumb...perfection! : )

Love the comparison!

Aleah said...

By the way sorry we came into your house shoes on. I feel bad now! But I think our shoes were pretty clean?!

; )

Andi said...

I already told you in person, but I love this post- mom really said everything perfectly in her comment :)

So good to see you guys this weekend! We miss you already!!

Famous Quotations said...

You are the Blog of the Day Awards Winner for today.

Vale said...

Amy, don't take this post off. I love its simplicity, just like the message. And your honesty about your potential ocd/cleanliness is apparent but only with a good dose of humor. I like the thoughts and metaphor behind it all.

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