Attitude Adjustment

It occurred to me the other day that I needed an attitude adjustment. I kind of think that even my blog has been reflecting how tired and crabby I've been feeling (sorry!) and I realized that I have a choice in the matter. I'm always the one to tell other people that they have choices when it comes to these sorts of things, but sometimes it is tough to swallow your own medicine!

I have seven weeks left as a mom of one and I've made the decision to stop trying to do everything perfectly and to just enjoy my son right now. Now that I've made this decision, I feel much less overwhelmed and worn out. Instead of trying to keep up our normal routine, it is okay to slow down a bit and not go out and do some sort of activity every single day. These outings are really what tire me out and frustrate both of us. I don't want to remember these last couple of months before #2 arrives as being difficult and tiring. We're going to take it easy and just play up a storm, read tons of books, and sing silly songs right here at home...and I hope that Parker enjoys it as much as I do:)


amanda said...

I totally agree! You'll both enjoy that time a lot more. I'm expecting #2 as well, but I'm just 13 weeks. But I often think about how these are the last few months of just me and her, you know? I don't want to take any of that for granted and if she gets a few less trips to the Childrens Museum or Gymboree, she'll get a few more memories of us playing and giggling together.. And that is what is important.

Dan said...

It's funny that you posted something like this tonight, because I was just thinking about how much I don't do because I want to do it right. Meaning, if I can't do it right then I don't want to do it at all.

We miss out on so much of life when give into the pressure of perfectionism - whether it is self imposed or otherwise. Way to set new boundaries for yourself and live with some more freedom.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday.

Dan said...

I mean Saturday - HA!

ami da said...

you are so right! we often tend to live in either future or past and neglect the lovely present we have!
the right attitude can make life just so beautiful :)

Aleah said...

7 weeks! Wow that'll fly by. Are you guys feeling ready?!

Taking it easy....
It'll also ease Parker into and get him used to the change of staying home more BEFORE the baby arrives! = he doesn't associate baby with more change than needed : ) You probably already thought of that though!

I haven't noticed any crabby blogging! Actually you sound pretty up beat - just a normal tiredness from the end of pregnancy.

Wish I could bring my boys over to entertain!

Andi said...

I'm with Aleah- I haven't really noticed any "crabby blogging" either, but I do agree that its good that you are going to be taking it easy the next few weeks! Its a good reminder for me to0- I tend to go, go, go all the time and then wonder why I'm so tired...!

Elise said...

Oh, he will enjoy any time he has with you!
And when the new baby comes, it will be a different level of trying to get out the door with TWO children in tow, trying to have quiet reading time with TWO children, so this time you share with him now will help ease you into that; knowing that you did your best to spend that quality time with Parker.
Praying for you!
(I hope this doesn't overwhelm you at all - two children is different, but great! And I have also not noticed crabby blogging - just a mama of a toddler expecting another! And a beautiful mama, at that!)

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