After being sick last week, we were out and about again these last few days. For me, sick kids=lonely days for mama. It took me a while to realize why I was feeling a little down and the it dawned on me...I missed my friends! As you all know, play dates and activities are not all for the kids. I need those relational connections! And, by the way, I have some of the greatest girlfriends. And on top of getting out with the kids, Joel and I got to go on a date and I even got a night out with the girls. A good week!

We took the boys downtown to Riverfront Park and Red Robin for a family date. I love Red Robin because screaming kids don't seem to phase the people, for the most part! Plus, the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Burger is the bomb.

Here are some pictures from the big fountain and the carousel ride...


jen said...

Phil and I went spent some time in Riverfront Park today for our anniversary. Aren't the flowers gorgeous there? We had lunch at Madeleine's Cafe.

That's what I always order at Red Robin, too! :)

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