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We spent the last week at the lake. Oh, it was so good this year! I took about two pictures the entire time, but our friend Dan captured the best moments and was nice enough to share. I'll post some later. I miss recording our life on my little blog so I'm going to get caught up a little bit.

I was feeling ambitious a few Saturdays ago and decided to take the boys up to Greenbluff to pick strawberries....on my own--Joel worked the weekend. I used to sit around and feel slightly sorry for myself on Joel's work weekends, but not anymore! I try to do special things and just enjoy the time. I try, at least. It ended up being a great trip. The boys were wonderful and got a kick out of eating all of the fruit and petting all the animals. I think they also enjoyed charming all of the old ladies:) Just another day in the good life....


Sue said...

Thank you for the happy post!

Aleah said...

fun pictures! those strawberries look yummy!

There's something about taking the kids out by yourself to do something fun. AND having everything go smoothly that kinda gives you a lift! It's a good feeling!

Glad you had a fun time!!

Anonymous said...

I had a blast with you guys at the lake. I will send you some pictures. We got a few good ones of the boys. Take care & talk to you soon.


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