Growing Girth: Installment #3--almost 22 weeks!

It has been a while since I posted a picture of my growing girth. I feel like I've recently fallen off the wagon in the growth department. I never thought that I'd say this but sometimes I wish I had a more obvious pregnant belly--at least one that is more like the other bellies at this point in pregnancy. I just want the special treatment:) Today, I had one woman I know tell me that she was relieved that I was talking about the pregnancy because she thought I miscarried. And another woman at the dentist asked if something was wrong with the baby! Nope, just a well shaped uterus:) Anyway, I'll count my blessings now, because in a few months I will be wishing for this belly back! Sorry the picture is blurry...I took it of myself in the mirror!

p.s. you can see the changes from last time here...


Vicky said...

Cute picture


Kelsey said...

Like I told you earlier, most people just don't realize that you are pregnant because you look so darn good! You have such a rockin' body that people have a hard time believing that the way you look not pregnant could be any better than the way you look pregnant! WOW, that was complex! To sum it up, you are beautiful, I love you, and you are over halfway through the process of waiting for your new little one to arrive! HURRAY!


Wendy said...

You look great. How exciting to be over half way to meeting that little one!

Munchkin Land said...

Amy, I love the photo! I really, truly wish I looked as adorable as you do. I can hardly believe that I've gained 15 pounds already!!!! You obviously carry pregnancy really, really well.

Leigh Gray said...

Amy - i don't know you, but just happened on your blog. I love the photos and wish i had done this. I will tell you right before i went into the hospital to have my babies (4) i took a QUICK picture of me in one of my bikinis!!! YIKES is right!! But it is fun and a great laugh!!

andi said...

Amy, you are so cute! And you DO look bigger :)

And I loved your last post- about Parker being spiritual :) I definitely agree with you that children have a special relationship with God, and I think that it is so awesome that you and Joel are making it a priority to nurture that in Parker!
P.S. We love to keep Audrey with us during worship too!

Aleah said...

Cute picture of you and baby!
Yes, I too received the comments.
"Oh you must be having a small baby!" Ethan was 8 lbs. 13 oz. : )
Go figure... It's crazy how different ladies carry.
For us I guess the baby presses to our backs?!

Keep healthy and sleep well... baby will be here soon! : )

Love, Aleah

Ginainchina said...

your stomach looks about like mine.... i don't know what the deal is! its like i stopped nursing and gained 10 pounds!! HA HA. now i have another set of clothes... regular clothes, transition,maternity andnursing!! HA HA. you look superb. ARe you feeling good.. .like 2nd trimester goodnow? i hope so. can't wait to see you soon1 love, gina

Brittany said...

you look so great!!! Parker is a little angel, and you and Joel both look so good. I'm so happy that things are going so well for you in your life. I miss you, girl!

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