Growing Girth: Installment #2--17 weeks

I wasn't going to do this until Tuesday or Wednesday because I already posted today, but my friend Jenn posted her cute belly and now I want to! Jenn looks super cute and I don't look that cute, yet. Anyway, it is worth sharing because it is fun to see the changes. I've chosen to spare you my head, once again.

Any guesses, Aleah?


Jenn said...

Not cute, whatever!! I'm looking at all of the recent pictures and I keep wishing that I looked like that. This is so fun to go through with someone else!

Very, very cute belly. Has your 20-week ultrasound been scheduled yet? I know you're not finding out the gender but that ultrasound is still going to be special!! Any names picked out yet?

Mom said...

I don't see much change, my dear, at least on the outside. We know that little one is healthily growing on the inside.
Love Mom

Aleah said...

Let's see... I'll need you a couple months bigger and a from the front shot. ; )

Hope your feeling energized at this stage at least enough to keep up with the big brother!

Love, Aleah

andi said...

Super cute, as usual! I love being able to see your changing belly on your blog since we don't get to see you very often.

How's all the prep. going for your big trip!?

Anonymous said...

Cute belly :) Hope baby in belly is doing good


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