1st grade - 1st day. Done.

one last hug goodbye
my big boy
griffin getting in on the action
our first
the whole family
he let me hold his hand:)
in front of the classroom

Our first grader is home from his long day! The day was a success and I'm excited to hear more...but trying not to be pushy. I can be pushy sometimes. I just want to know every. single. detail. Can you relate?

p.s. i will post a few pictures of griff's first day of pre-k soon!!
whoa. did I just say pre-k? holy smokes. 


Jennisa said...

you are so cute! :) I am the SAME way as you are with the pictures, the hugs, the tears, and the wanting to know everything! :) JUST this year, we have a teacher that emails us every day to tell us what they did AND gives us talking points to encourage communication! I LOVE IT!

Time flies, and these kids of ours need to just STOP growing!

Sue Asbjornsen said...

Mom and Dad (Mooma and Grampa) just read a and oohed and aaawed over this post. We too will try not to be pushy and wait for all the details to flow from your adorable 1st grader.

Blomgrens said...

Soooo cute. I love his tender heart and that he let you hold his hand :) So glad Joel could be there for the first day too!

Jenny said...

Love the hand-holding picture, Amy!

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