ode to {summertime} joy

This is the week we say goodbye to summer...we are back to school. Oh, summer has been good. I think this has been my favorite summer with the kiddos yet! And the strange thing is that we actually did LESS than in past years. We stayed home so much more. I love being home...and I hope that our kids learn to love home just as much.

Summer has consisted of : swimming lessons. neighbor buddies. vbs. dirt forts. sports camp. slip n slide. bike rides. camping. grandparents. city pools. otter pops. cousins. pokemon. Indiana jones. silverwood. friends. bbqs. lake time. roommates. chronicles of narnia. river front park. our little plastic pool. sun kissed skin. bright white hair. bug collecting. baby dolls.

The good stuff of life.

So thankful our Creator gave us Summer!


Courtney said...

I love how much you've been blogging lately! And I'm going to be sad to see summer go too..

Kelsey said...

You summed up your summer perfectly :) Good thing summer is followed by autumn...it makes saying goodbye a whole lot easier!

Brittany said...

You and your family look great :)

Jenny said...

Yes! Bright, white hair! I noticed that in andi's pictures--so striking.

Sue Asbjornsen said...

I am more than slow on a comment here; your list was a pleasure to read the first time and still so now...especially since fall is grabbing our attention with a flourish!
Remember how concerned about summer you were?
Silly, how we easily worry... it was a delightful and memorable summer for your family.

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