i survived

Despite my dread, Hollyn Joy's birthday came and went...and we all survived! I feel much better now that it is over, to be honest!

But I think that Hollyn is a little bummed that it is all over--she LOVED her birthday SO MUCH! I really believe she just knew it was her special day/week. Is that a good thing? She just likes the spotlight a whole bunch. I wonder what that means for our future...

My sister has a great post about hollyn's birthday. Check it out here.

Here are some things that we know about Hollyn these days:

-she's a munchkin...not sure of her stats because someone forgot to schedule the one year appointment, but she is sure not a tall girl:)
-chatty! loud!
-pretends to be shy
-but can hold her own with her brothers
-she's a biter. yep.
-she eats just about anything
-loves spaghetti, avocados, bananas, cheese, ice cream
-dislikes sour foods
-has her daddy wrapped around her little finger...and she's so in love with him!
-enjoys Sesame Street characters
-likes to disappear....we often find her in Griffin's room playing kitchen or coloring
-gives awesome kisses, open mouth even!
-plays "where's hollyn"
-loves to dance...can already shake that booty of hers:)
-has a love/hate relationship with Griffin. He is either making her laugh hysterically or driving her nuts. But I think he feels the same way about her. Seriously, they are so loud together!
-likes Parker to read to her
-really, really dislikes getting dressed. She produced real tears whenever she has to be put through the torture of being dressed. Poor thing.
-Discreetly drops her food onto the floor and waits for a response. Really funny...she thinks.
-I know I'm going to think of so many more things after I hit publish...I'll add more later maybe.
-Oh, I know...I love her. I LOVE her. Oh man, that girl is so loved.


Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Hollyn! Even though you are one, you are still going to be a baby for a LONG time in our books (and of course, Miss Clara's, since Hollyn was the "recipient" of the binky because she's still a baby, and she "needs it" ;)).

I LOVE the first picture. One of the best yet.

Sue Asbjornsen said...

I can see her eating her leftovers and wondering where the presents and fanfare were! :)
Reading her cards were one of my favorite parts of her birthday antics. Yep. Adorable.
And you not only survived, you did good, real good my dear. An awesome mom to boot. Love you.

Kelsey said...

You are right, she is SO loved! I can't wait to see how her dramatic, sassy side plays out in a few years :)

Blomgrens said...

Oh Hollyn Joy... such a sweet girl - happy birthday! Loved your post and the bullets and video especially. So great. AND - I loved seeing your sister's blog when she mentioned back to Hollyn's actual birth weekend! Aim, you were a stunning prego!

Jenny said...

Amy! I love your list. You're such a great mom!

Very cute video, too! You really DO love frosting, don't you?! ;)

LAURA said...

I think 1st birthdays are the hardest, and I always feel like the build up is worse than the actual day - you're right, it's better when it's over! She is precious, and you are such a great Mommy. Miss you, since we aren't going to Branches now I don't get my Amy fix! Let's get together soon, maybe Tara would be up for a playdate or girl's night... Hugs

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