what birthday?

hollyn and mooma last week @ Parker's birthday

Denial. I'm pretty much denying the fact that hollyn will be one sometime next week. Seriously, I haven't even looked at the calendar to see what day May 3rd falls on. Third baby. Last one. It is so different. I looked forward to first birthdays for the boys. I LOVE one. I like toddlers more than babies, but I still can't bring myself to plan a party. I will. I'll get over it and move forward like a normal person but I'm sitting in my denial right now...until next week sometime;)


Sue Asbjornsen said...

Let's just not tell Hollyn she is actually 1 next week? Let's keep that deliciously sweet and spicy little girl clueless, okay?

Blomgrens said...

Oh so hard! I totally understand the denial!

carly said...

i remember posting almost the same thing when benj turned one. i thought if i didn't have a party for him, he might not actually turn one?;) ha!

Jessica said...

I cannot believe your baby will be 1 next week! It feels like she was JUST born! These little ones of ours need to stop growing so quickly!!!

Jenny said...

Oh, Amy. I get this. I really do. :(

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