on the road

We're on the road...all packed in here cozy and snug. We're all doing our own thing but all together. Parker is writing sentences. Griffin is playing his leapster. Hollyn is sleeping. Joel is listening to his music.
And I am blogging ...and listening to my book club book...and looking outside at the beautiful mountains. We are heading up north to Canada for a weekend with friends and we happen to be driving thru the little town I grew up in. So strange how things haven't changed. But the landscape is so beautiful. It will always feel like home.
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Andi Mae said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful + relaxing weekend! Aren't road trips the BEST!? Love you!

Kristen said...

So strange and a little bit scary that not much has changed in that good old place! Hope you have a great weekend! We attempting to over-night in a cabin and do some x-country skiing! Hope goes well with the little one!

Gina said...

so impressive that parker is writing sentences!
fun thatyou're traveling, but I was hoping you were here so you could come visit me tomorrow at myhouse :)
have a great trip.
me and the baby are doing well. happy to be home thats for sure!
love gina

Sue Asbjornsen said...

We drove through "the little town" yesterday as well. And another "little town" Dad and I love farther north. 'Twas a gorgeous day and we spent a teeny bit of time tromping through snow to visit a special spot on a certain river. Thought of you on your trip and hoping it was wonderful. Love these "one shot" posts and tidbits of life. :)

This was my word verification~~you think it is a variation of haiku poetry or a description of a voluminous, messy diaper? :)

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