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Despite the fact that my little sister is not featured, this is still one of my favorite family pictures! My parents were SO YOUNG...and so were me and my brother:)


Courtney said...

Your family looks like an advertisement for a magazine! So adorable and elegant!

Kelsey said...

Gee thanks...choose a picture that I'm not in ;)

I love this picture too!! It is a family classic :)

Jen said...

What a sweet photo!

Kelsy said...

Great photo!! Kels really is in that pic, she looks so much like your mom. So beautiful! She's there, just not quite taken much shape yet!! So cute!!

Sue Asbjornsen said...

Wow! How young we were, indeed! Younger than both of the kiddos in the photo are NOW! And I was wearing a suit for heaven's sake (I actually remember going to buy it)! These memories flooded back when Dad spoke at that ROTC commissioning last week.
Thanks Amy for posting.
And Kels, you are the star of so many other family photos; its ok that you are only presesnt in spirit and intention...and little channeling via me as a look-alike. LOVE my kids.

jenny said...

This is so SWEET, Amy!

Blomgrens said...

I love that picture too! It seems like it's from a magazine. Beautiful.

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