real food!

I'm having so much fun feeding hollyn solids! Apparently, things have really changed in the world of babyfood in the last three years.

Our pediatrician informed me that the new recommendation is that meat be baby's first food! And that just about all the rules are out regarding the order of introduction. I didn't start with meat first because it just sounded gross. Basically, Hollyn just eats what we eat as long as it can be mashed or pureed! Her favorites are tortellini stew, cauliflower soup, pears, and Nancy's yogurt. Not a huge fan of applesauce or other sweet/sour fruits.

Feeding babies solids used to be a stressful thing-- so many rules!! But now it is so much more enjoyable! Plus, this just makes more sense if we want our kids to like a variety of foods.

Gone are the days of jarred, bland food...or even making your own, bland food! Bring on the flavor!
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Sue Asbjornsen said...

I think I will her some of the asparagus soup I made last night! What do you think?
Been praying for the defeat of the germ dragons that have attacked again-- be off, away, be gone!

Sue Asbjornsen said...

Oh, great-- "I think I will her?"
I was not menaing of my last will and testament! Correction:
I think I will BRING her...
Count it as a mooma-ism

Jamie said...

Yeah! I'm excited about the new world of baby food! We'll have to connect in a few months so you can share your insights as we move Jayda into that stage of life! Hope you are doing well...

Kelsey said...

Can I borrow Hollyn for a few days? She is just too cute! :)

I think you've developed a good eating strategy...maybe this way you can avoid having another "special" eater in your family :)

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