how I roll (on 4 wheels)

An account of my afternoon, starting @ 12:10:

load kids in car
drop park off at school
watch out for poles!
drive down to Griffin's school
take him into the class/ chit chat with teacher/ drop off juice for harvest party
haul hollyn back to car
drive to Parker's school/ sprint thru rain with infant carrier/check in at office
shoot, hollyn needs a nap!
read with each of the 20 kids in Parker's class (love seeing the progress!)
try to keep the girls in the class from kissing hollyn! try to get hollyn to sleep while I listen to the readers
sprint thru rain with hollyn
check out at office
pick up cookie dough at school for fundraiser
drive down hill to griffin's school for harvest party
sit in car for ten minutes so baby can catnap (blog!)
next, I will go party with the preschoolers--yay for harvest:)
I'll drive up hill to pick up park, leave Griffin to finish school
pick up Parker....hurry!!
drive down hill to pick up Griffin
drive back up hill to go home
check mail
unload kids/ projects/ etc.
3:25 p.m.

p.s. I'm not complaining! I actually love it!! I just thought that this afternoon would be fun to document my comings and goings...poor Hollyn! She's such a trooper:)

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Sue Asbjornsen said...

Yes, breathe! And coffee and a fire and candles and music...maybe not, but at least pat yourself on the back! Hugs.

Lovin' on my Boys said...

Sounds like my days last year when Jacob was in kindergarten! :) I miss him now that he is in school full-time... but it is definitely less running around. ;) I looove volunteering too! Especially since I used to be a first grade teacher, it is so nice to be in there!

Gina said...

fun! :) I love busy days.

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