sweet parker

We've been having really great conversations with Parker lately. The way kids learn and absorb the world is mind-blowing sometimes. Kids are so much smarter than we give them credit! But a couple of really cute conversations stand out from the last week or so...

Me driving and a bit distracted, Parker in the back set trying on a pretend wedding ring.

P: Mom, when can I get married?
ME: Well, hmmm....when you are older and find a girl and you fall in love.
P: Well, I'm in love with you, mama. I'll marry you.
ME: I love you too, babe, but Daddy already married me and I can only be married to one person.
P: oh. {silence, thinking}
P: Mom? Is Miss Tara married? I think I'm in love with her.
*Tara is one of our best friends...and she's almost 30:) At least he has good taste!

Another converation...I was responding to emails in the office and Parker was working on some art projects. I was slightly distracted...again!

P: Mom, how can I get to heaven with God?
ME: ummmmmm.....(totally taken off guard) hmmmmm....well, someday you can pray and ask God to be your very best friend and for Jesus to come into you heart.
P: Oh.
ME: When you are ready, let me know and we can pray about that...
P: Someday?! I wanna do it now! Now, what do I say to God?

I tell him and I see him go to the corner and thanks God for his life and his house..."and please be my friend and come into my tummy...um, I mean my hearts. Dear God, Thank you...aMEN!"


Kelsey said...

Oh that sweet, sweet boy! You can't post things like this or I'm just going to quit my job and move home! :)

Love you!


jenny said...

oh wait...there's more? I didn't see the whole post on Facebook.

Amy, this is so sweet!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Kelsey, I think that's the point. =)

Amy, what a sweet little boy you have there. =) Right now, Devyn is still at the point where she's living with us for forever. I'm more than happy with that. And I can't wait for Hudson to say he wants to marry me. (How is a mama supposed to not get teary during that moment?!)

I'm praying fervently that this is the year Devyn becomes a Christian. I think she can get it, really get it, and I'm praying for the right opportunity.

I love you!!

Chic Mama said...

Oh so sweet! I can't wait for that day with my boys!

Jennifer said...

Absolutely LOVE Parker's conversations with you!! So, so sweet!

Sue Asbjornsen said...

No words I can say. This Mooma has smiley tears as I hear this all over again!

Kristen said...

Oh when did that little baby become such a grown up boy! What a sweet moment, so simple, just like our God.
Love you guys!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

That little guy (the little celebrity - as Jonathan calls him) is so precious! What great moments lie ahead in motherhood. I can't wait to have conversations like that:)!

Aleah said...

So sweet!

Love the talk from little kids!

Congratulations Parker!

Amy said...

that is so cute amy! glad you blogged it so you have it forever :)

CPT Mom said...

That is precious.
My daughter also asked Jesus into her tummy...I mean heart.
That must be a common error in the preschool crowd.

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