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I've not really been present here on the blog...and not at my house either. I stepped out for a little while.

You know how it is...the never ending cycle of feeding, cleaning, changing, calming, disciplining, teaching....sleep and do it all over again thing? And of course you know the.... who am I anymore and what the he** am I doing here, this is more than I bargained for feelings? Yup. Been there. So it was time to step off the cycle for a bit and take a vacation!!

Joel's parents took all of their kids and their spouses on a five day vacation to Bend, OR...sans children! They rented us a house in Sun River for all . We had so much fun being just us again. Not being responsible for anything was a good feeling...and so was sleeping in until 11:) Biking, kayaking, horseback riding, pedicures, oh my! So fun. And so fun to remember what it was like to play without kids...and how we have so much fun as a family. Joel and his sister, Lyndzie, even had a dance-off. And Randalls do not mess around...it was pants-off dance-off...use your imagination. Holy Moly. A little taste of what we experienced...and the pictures don't even come close to capturing what really happened!


Anonymous said...

Good times


Sarah said...

what a blast! So very good for you, I know all those feelings you talked about. 365 days or so til Hawaii, I absolutely can. not. wait.
Love ya!

Jennifer said...

Love this!!!!
Hope all is well!

The Army Wife said...

It looks like you had a good time. Thinking about you and sending well wishes your way ... hope everything is alright.

Anonymous said...


Wow, what great in-laws to recognize the needs of parents to young children. I hear you, we have all been there.

Jamie C.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that guy's got some wicked moves!

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