i miss them already...

It may seem strange to fly to another state to visit a friend I met online. Not strange to me...at this point, Jenn is no longer an online friend...she's a lifelong one. I am so excited to get off that plane today and give her a big hug. SO EXCITED!

But this is my first trip away from my family, by myself, since before Parker was born. Now this is what feels strange. I know it is a good, healthy thing....but it is so strange to be packing just for one. I have no need to remember the diapers, wipes, meds, billions of clothes, boredom toys, bibs, snacks, pacifiers, blankies, teddy bears, baby wash, baby lotion, crayons, dvds, music, sippy cups, pack n play, oh....and the list goes on and on. I can't even remeber all of it. Good thing I don't have to! All I have to pack is a few outfits, shoes, makeup....and this little book:)

But I miss them already. As much as I need this trip away, I can't stand the thought of being so far away from my boys.

Joely, Park, & Griff...I love you so much! You three are my life...my loves. I'll miss you every minute.

Have a great boys weekend... and remember to clean up your messes;)


The Boggs Family said...

Have a fantastic weekend away! You deserve it, Amy. :) Though, I totally share your sentiments about mamahood & how hard it is to be away from our precious families. Thinking of you & praying for your weekend with Jenn, and also for your three guys! :) Love to you!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun :)


Mindy and Brian said...


Hey! It was nice to meet you in church today. It seems like you and Jenn really share something special! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!


Jenny said...

you deserve it, friend!

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