Wheel Of Fortune!

Watch my sis tonight on Wheel of Fortune!! Kelsey Asbjornsen is her name and I promise she'll be dazzling and smart....and totally not annoying:)


Julie said...

I've been planning on tuning in for some time now... and have it set to DVR - just in case the kids, you know interupt my plans :) So excited for her!
Coem to think of it, I'll be able to view it 3 hours before you all in WA... which for me is less than 3 hours from now :)

The Army WIfe said...

Woohoooo! Go Kelsey!!!

Kelsey said...

Um, are you implying that I am normally annoying, or that the other contestants on the show tend to be annoying? I'm hoping you choose the latter :)

Love you!

jenny said...

Awesome! Do you know how many people can't say this!?

Jennifer said...

Nick and I loved watching Kelsey! We were SO proud of her! We loved seeing your dad on the show too! :)

Megan said...

SHE LOOKED AWESOME HUH?!?!?! It was way too much fun, now we have to get her and Bryant on the Amazing Race for our enjoyment. :) I hope Park has a great party.
~love, Megan

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