my happy place

Some days....I run around the house like a chicken with her head cut off....just trying to keep the peace. It isn't pretty. Definitely is something to be expected with four hooligans running around. Who is the boss here??!

But my favorite part of the day is when I get to sit down and read to them. While I'm reading, I remember why I absolutely love these kids...love this whole gig. I feel creative, alive! Sometimes I wonder who is having more fun...

It is my happy place.


jenny said...

We took Babar Goes to School back to the library last week. I wonder if that's the same copy. :)

I'm with you on reading to the littles...I love it, too. And that's one of the things I noticed about you when we first started meeting on Fridays. You read to kids very well. I think it's a gift.

Oh, by the way, our fish died last night. :(

Amy said...

love the new look on your blog, so pretty!!! and glad you are enjoying your "job" :) we are lucky, arent we?

Aleah said...

hooligans, I think I might have some over here too. : )

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

oh, that is so cool! I love those moments, too!!!

Elise said...

Oh, I'm right there with you, friend. We are so blessed- even in the midst of sickness, I am still so thankful I *get* to be here... right in the middle of it. And I love reading to them, too!!! xoxo

Sarah said...

Such a good place! Getting there is half the battle for me. So excited to see you when you come, even if just for a small chunk of time:).

Susan said...

And reading with them is the best gift you can give to them.

:-) Susan

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