I feel as though everyone around me has exciting things in their lives and I'm a spectator right now. That sounds bad. Okay, what I mean is....it is kind of nice to not have lots of stuff going on right now. I like being a spectator at the moment. That still sounds bad....but you know what I mean. Please?

Okay, first off...BIG news...my little sister is ENGAGED to Bryant. We secretly call him Saint Bryant of Kelsey:) He is such a good guy....we love him! I would love to tell you their engagement story but it really isn't my story to tell....and it quite possibly would take too long to write. Like a week. But anyway, we're so happy and check out this ring....
I must add...I helped pick it out, thank you very much. But even more importantly, check out this couple!
This one I can't take any credit for! Look at them...are they not beautiful or what? Geesh...

As for my life...here is what is making news:

*Spring is official and it is slowly looking like it here...have I mentioned how much I'm looking forward to warmth and sun?
*We're getting a backyard fence as we speak and I'm giddy about it.
*My brother and his family are moving right down the street and I'm even more giddy about that.
*Griffin has a shiner....a really ugly one. He fell out of a chair. Really, he did.
*March Madness at our house and the Zags are in the Sweet Sixteen!
*Parker is going to turn four next month and that sorta makes me want to throw up. Aaaaahhh.

See, I told you. Not a lot going on...but we're having fun!


Kelsey said...

Wow, Bryant is very red in that picture...well, it was HOT in Venice. Thank you Sassypants for being such a big supporter of our relationship. Love you!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

I love the nickname. Saint Bryant of Kelsey. =) It makes me smile. Sounds like its your turn to have a lot going on in the lives around you. I think you should add a baby to the mix too. (wink, wink)

Can't wait to chat soon!

Amy said...

yet another thing we have in common amy :) our kelsie/ey sisters both are getting married this year :) us Norwegians are destined to walk a similar life, haha! congrats to your sister, it was SO much fun when my sister got married!!

jenny said...

when's the big day?

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