rain today with a touch of coziness

Today it is rainy and I sort of like it. It means spring is around the corner...

So....today......we indulged in a bit of comfort, fun, coziness, and maybe a little optimism...

*wearing some spring shoes without socks! {optimism}
*brewing some chai tea {so cozy}
*enjoying our bounty from Trader Joe's {comfort food}
*playing "I Spy" while watching the snow melt {good old fashioned fun}

Hope of spring is in the air! In the meantime, I'm staying cozy...


jenny said...

I'm jealous of your Trader Joe's stash. We always stock up whenever we're near one.

Glad you had such a cozy day!

swell.life said...

Hi there! Just discovered your sweet little blog...And am so glad to meet you! I too made a Trader Joe's haul yesterday. Have you tried their frozen lava cakes? Amazing. You're right. You just have to force spring!

Stacey said...

sounds deeeelightful!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

I am with you on the springtime optimism. There has been nothing better than watching the pile of snow in our yard shrink by the day. I'm hoping the snow predictions are wrong!

You know how I feel about Trader Joes too...there's nothing better:). It was great, as always, seeing you tonight!

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