chili for guests

I'm making my pumpkin chili today for guests arriving later this evening. Just the process of making it makes me feel fallish. For those of you who have asked for the recipe, here it is from last year's halloween post. Oh, the cuteness of those two little boys of mine is sometimes overwhelming! Love them.

Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to you all...


jen said...

This sounds yummy! Thanks for the great recipe.

Anonymous said...

Have a fun dinner, and a great weekend. Hugs & kisses to the boys for me. Love you


Brady and Berta said...

I guess I am completely inept, but I don't see the recipe. Could I get it from you? It sounds amazing and I really miss fall living in Az.

Brady and Berta said...

Nevermind, I am just really retarded and didn't scroll down far enough. Sorry!!

jen said...

How much cumin in the recipe?

Amy... said...

edit: 2 tea cumin in chili!

Anonymous said...

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