It has been a messy day. We're fine. Nothing is really wrong. Here is the very short story....roto rooter to the rescue. And the culprit? A little boy who likes to use half a roll of toilet paper--each time he goes #1. :)

Enough with that. Let's have a do-over...


The day was actually very good. Let's see...

flowers from Tara's yard, juice boxes for lunch, super cute flash cards from Auntie Vicky

An autumn walk on the way to B's school.

We take the scenic route so we can get some exercise and see the chickens/ducks/bunnies. What cute little backsides, don't you think?

Yes. It was a very good day.


The Boggs Family said...

I love that last picture especially!-- of the four kids' backsides in black & white. How cute! I'm so sorry we didn't come this morning--- I really am excited to see you though & look forward to Tuesday. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Where are there chickens/ducks/bunnies near your house??

The Boggs Family said...

P.S. Beautiful flowers too --- they look perfect! Does Tara have a blog??

Alan and Laurie said...

Too funny, next it'll be a rock like Four Giggleing Monkeys!

Aleah said...

oH YES, rock in the toilet, forgot about that one!

You guys need to get a toilet auger!

It works on toilet paper and small toys...but not rocks. The toilet comes off for that. ; )

Cute picture of the 4!

Vintage Mommy said...

Yuck! Flowers make everything better, don't they?

anya* said...

oh my goodness. toilet problems are not my specialty..

i also wanted to tell ya i tagged you in a meme- but i know you are one busy girl right now:)

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