Why Watch?

I am going batty. Okay, so if I had a job that paid and gave sick days and all that fun stuff, I would seriously be taking a mental health day. They are driving me insane. "They"=mylovelytwoboys :) I know it probably happened gradually, but it seems as though Parker and Griffin each learned a new word today and are using it proficiently.

Griffin's new word is "watch". Actually, it comes out "OTCH!!!", but I get the idea. Watch...as in:

"Watch me throw food!"
"Watch me eat this dirt!"
"Watch me run and trip!"
"Watch me bounce my head on the floor!"

And I have to admit, Parker's new favorite new word to use is not as cute. Really, not as cute. It was the first time, but after a few thousand repetitions, it loses the cuteness. One word...why?

Me: Parker, it is time to go home now.
P: Why?
Me: Because it is time to go home.
P: Why is it home?
Me: Because it is the house Daddy and I chose.
P: Why did you choose it.
Me: Because it is green:)
P: Why is it green?
Me: Because green is pretty...
P: What?
Me: You heard me
P: Why
Me: What?!!!
P: Why?

He also really likes what, who, where, when and uses them in the wrong way sometimes. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

It might have been something they picked up while playing with my nieces. They are totally in that phase.

Anonymous said...

It seems Parker has mastered the major questions in journalism :) When writing stories, reporters have to make sure those major words are answered in stories.

Julie said...

Amy, it was great seeing you at my parent's home a couple weeks ago. I wish we had more time to visit and to have snuck in a playdate at the park, but next time... and our door in Florida is always open :) I had to smile at your blog entry today... I was totally there yesterday with my 2 girls and Benjamin crying too... oh fun days as a stay at home Mom. Sending you a hug across the miles... Julie

Aleah said...

Honestly one of the most exhausting parts of being a Mom for me. Talking constantly!

Sounds like you'll be having some pretty entertaining days with kid conversations. ; )

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