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*We had a girls night on Wednesday with my mom, Kels, and Andi. Lovely dinner, good conversation, and then...
*Bought some pink pants at the GAP. And I love them. Kels talked me out of the green ones. She said they were a little bright for me. Hmmm...
*Oh, and then we went to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. It was really good and fun. However...
*After the movie, as we were walking out....I'm not sure what happened but I totally fell over! I think UP the stairs. There were other loopy things I did that night but I can't remember.
*Tara (my super-great friend) just returned home from a month in Kansas. I'm sure she was busy busy and happy to be with her family, but I sure have missed her!
*My boys take baths as a mid-day activity when we're not out and about. Does anyone else do that? I mean, it isn't to get the clean again, just to have some water fun. They love it!
*No one ever told me how practically 90% of parenting is about food. Food, food, food....all the time.
*Speaking of, I bought the cookbook Deceptively Delicious and I'm really enjoying it. Adding pureed veggies to foods sure shouldn't substitute offering them to kiddos, but it is great insurance. Heck, I don't even eat enough vegetables so it is good for me too.
*I really like dinosaurs. I don't know tons about them, but I am so excited that my boys love them so that I can learn more. I love being a mama of boys. I like experiencing all of these new things. I was so girly as a little one, you wouldn't even believe it!
*But it has been a long time since I was a girl in kindergarten...can anyone give me some good ideas re: what little girls like to do. I start watching my cousin's children very soon. Eeek!
*Oh, how I love the Olympics. It is a good thing they're only for two weeks because I am watching so much TV. I love so many of the events. I can get into almost anything...except ping pong.
*We had such a great visit with our friends last weekend. They came over here and we took them to the lake, spent some time at Greenbluff and the park and just enjoyed their company. Oh, and the kids got along so great. We actually got to hang out as adults this time and that was just the best! And I'll put up some pictures soon. I didn't really get any good ones but Aleah got some amazing shots!
*One of our very good family friends is getting married this weekend! And Parker is the ring bearer!! Ooohh, it is going to be a fun weekend!
*This wedding has brought a sister of the bride back into town. This sister was my very best friend while we were growing up and (because of a long and confusing story) I hadn't seen her in over six years! A small group of us got together on Monday. It was so fun and strange how we clicked back into our familiar roles. I really wish I had a picture!
*But you can be sure I'll post plenty of pictures from the wedding and my little man in his tux...oh my!


Trish said...

Great update Amy! Lucky for you, six year olds just happen to be one of my specialties. I would say that your little cousin would probably like coloring and anything artsy, helping with the boys, playing with barbies or dolls (Hannah Montana was HUGE with my students!), and playing games. You will do great with her, and she will LOVE spending time with you :) See you at the wedding this weekend!

Wendy said...

love this random type of post!

that is so funny - it is definitely a lot about food! :) I feel like my kids are always hungry.

Anonymous said...

I like your update post. And I'm not a parent but I know about the food. Whenever I babysit anyone else's children, the kids want a treat as soon as the parents walk out the door. And when I volunteer in children's church the kids seriously start saying they are hungry and want a snack not even five mintues after we start. :)

Amy said...

hi amy :) that looked like an amazing wedding! so girls.... they love dolls and strollers and dresses. atleast rosie does :)

Brittany said...

*After the movie, as we were walking out....I'm not sure what happened but I totally fell over! I think UP the stairs. There were other loopy things I did that night but I can't remember.

Kind of like the time you fell off the treadmill? Twice?? :)

Love ya!

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