Springtime Fun

I have found it is really pointless to complain too much about the weather...because we have absolutely no control over it. Oh, and gas prices...totally not worth spending time complaining about. But I'll admit, I do both from time to time:) But let's just say that spring has sprung verrry slowly in these parts and we'll take any sunny day we can get. Yesterday was one of them. I failed to take pictures because every time I went to look for the camera, something happened. It was a beautiful day and we spent much of it outside...how refreshing! Parker was even able to use one of his birthday gifts and I'm now a huge fan!

These outside paints are so cool! I love being able to let the kids loose and not worry about a mess inside. The paint easily washes off with a hose and the boys have fun making colorful art--what could be better?

Looking forward to more Springtime Fun!


Wendy said...

I'll have to try those paints. Thanks!

Oh my, you are so right about the complaining and I think I have complained more about the weather this year than I ever have. Not good. I've been thinking lately I need to focus more on counting my blessings and rejoicing for the day I have been given.

Becoming Me said...

Oh those are so fun! Glad you have such a positive outlook

jen said...

Wow! I'll have to look for these. I love anything that can be cleaned up with a hose!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the encouragement about a newborn/toddler versus pregnant with a toddler. I really hope you're right; at this point, I can't imagine it being any harder than it is right now. I'm so excited about our new baby boy, but I am so ready for this stage to be over!

By the way, I love the idea of outside paints too. I love things he can do where I don't have to dictate too much of his play. A little freedom from "no" is really good for both of us.

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