delayed gratification

It seems that for an almost three year old, delayed gratification is simply torture during the "delay". Who can blame him? I don't particularly enjoy it either. Parker has been asking endlessly about his upcoming birthday. I went out this morning to get some party decorations and he started crying when he couldn't play with the plates. The poor thing...a big package was delivered to our house today containing a delightful birthday gift. He knows it is for him but he isn't allowed to open it yet. Oh, the torture! And we've literally been telling him for months that his new bedroom is almost ready....and that day still hasn't come. Very soon, maybe even in time for his party on Saturday!

Exciting days ahead! And about that mysterious box, a little hint:)


Aleah said...

Hayden here gives the mystery present a 2 thumbs up!
I bet Parker will really get some good use out of it (Griffin too)!
So much happening over there!

jen said...

My boys have a train table, too and they LOVE it!

Becca in Texas said...

That table would get rave reviews at our house. We got ours when my eldest was 3 and almost 4 years later they both still play with it constantly. Fun stuff!

Jennifer said...

Oh, poor little Parker! That's rough! I can't wait to see pictures from his big day (he's going to LOVE the train table)!!!

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