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I’ve never felt so connected to my community as I do right now. It is such a great feeling—one that I’ve always wanted, but never seemed to grasp. I’ve been trying to figure out why I feel such a strong connection and I’ve decided that it just has to be more than just one thing, but the perfect combination of ingredients. I hope to write little tid-bits about those ingredients as I think of them. Definitely not ground-breaking, but I feel the need to document how I feel about my community right now.

A new café opened a few months ago just blocks from our house. We waited all summer as the new owners of the building fixed up the property and prepared the new business. We tried to get a glimpse of the café through the covered windows. We were just so excited that a neighborhood café would be within walking distance. Our town is not short on places to get coffee…not by any stretch of the imagination. But this would be our place. OUR Café! You know, kind of like Friends and Central Perk:)

We waited and waited and finally it opened….and boy, it was way more than we could have imagined! It has everything that a good café has…great coffee/tea, pastries, sandwiches, soups, etc. But, get this…it has a children’s room full of cool toys that keep my kids entertained for long periods of time. Whoever thought of this is just brilliant. I love her. We get to enjoy our food and beverage while our children enjoy themselves. Who could ask for more? We also have the opportunity to meet more of the people who live around us. I feel as though I am no longer on the outside looking in…but really in the inner-circle. Not that I know everyone at all…but I feel comfortable being myself and enjoy just being around others. I love that I can call up a friend and we can plan to meet at “the café” without even using the proper name. Because it is ours. We have a sense of ownership….a sense of community. What a good, good thing…


Aleah said...

Oh, that sounds so nice! We have a place like that (kids area) in Mill Creek but not here where we are in walking distance. That's what we long for also... but I think we'll have to move to get it!!
Enjoy and have a latte for me!

Ginainchina said...

WOW amy, that sounds ideal! I hope we can live in your neighborhood when we move back to Spokane one day! And... the play room for the kids is incrediable!! :) love, gina

jen said...

Yeah!!! It IS a great place! I went with my sister and girls on Saturday morning. My girls played for a whole hour while my sister and I visited with a lady we had never met, but felt like we'd know forever after our time there. Let's meet there sometime soon, shall we?

Mama said...

I love this!!!!! This is such a great way to show otehrs Jesus. Community is everything! I am still trying to learn that but we neglect our communities sooooo much!! We put it all into the church instead of our community.

WOW! I want to come see you! How fun!! I have always dreamt of a coffee shop with a playroom!!!

Sarah said...

Wow! Sounds wonderful! I wish we could meet at "the cafe", but se la vi. I guess our little blog cafe will have to do.
Love, Sarah

Liz said...

This is awesome!. I love that you have such a desire to be involved in your community, and you are actively pursuing it. I have a hard time getting out there...something I pray about and am seeking oppertunities. :)

The cafe sounds wonderful...I LOVE the playroom, that makes it totally perfect!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

And here I was hoping that we had somehow brain-washed you guys into moving down here, setting up your community here. =) That coffee shop sounds absolutely divine. We have nothing like that here (nuts!) and I would love to have a place to go to with the kids.

Missing you... Call soon?

Melissa said...

Wow! Sounds like we need a neighborhood cafe as well!

Amy said...

oh good! you know all about it! i couldnt believe how great of a place that was when we stopped in there on the way to adam's parents. a kids corner, how perfect!

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