Holding Jesus

We've had an interesting week so far. Much of Joel's family is in town due to a medical emergency. Joel has been at the hospital for hours and hours, both working and being with the family. The boys and I have been back and forth. While it is a terrible reason to be able to spend time with our great family, it has been a wonderful chance to have an unexpected visit. Prayers for the family are needed...

On a lighter note, Parker has been obsessed with holding his newborn cousin, Avree (who is here in town with the rest of the family). He's so obsessed that he tells us that he needs to hold Avree. I understand wanting to hold Avree, but needs? It is so cute, though. While holding her, he sits perfectly still, tries not to smile and holds her head the wrong way--on top:) Well, last night, I figured out one of the reasons he's so obsessed with her right now: he thinks that Avree is the baby Jesus! This was our conversation last night...

Parker: Mama let's pray.
Me: Okay...go ahead.
Parker (singing): Jesus loves my mama. Jesus loves my Griffin. Jesus loves my daddy. Jesus loves my Parker. Amen.
Me: Amen. Thank you, Parker. Yep, Jesus does love you. You know that?
Parker: Yeah. I held her. I took care of her.
Me: Ummmm...yeah, okay. (what is he talking about?)
Parker: I take care of her. I'm big.
Me: Ooooohhhhh, yes you did hold Avree, didn't you?

It finally occured to me that I started reading Parker books about Christmas on Sunday and he saw Avree the next day. This is why babies are all of the sudden so important! To him, Avree is Jesus and he wants to take care of her! I love it. Little ones really are the smartest of us all...

"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."
Matthew 25:40


Liz said...

Oh I love it!! That is the sweetest thing I've heard all day.

What a sweet reminder too, for all of us to desire to hold on to Jesus. :)

Anonymous said...

That's so cute! Can't wait to see Parker holding Avree.


jen said...

That's beautiful, Amy. And what a sweet little prayer. Can you imagine how it must delight God's heart to hear the sweet prayers of our little ones?

AndiMae said...

Seriously the cutest thing ever from one of the cutest little boys ever! I love these moments when we are able to get into the minds of our kids :)

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Amy, it was wonderful talking to you yesterday and I pray that things are going better with the family emergency.

I just loved this story about Parker and holding baby "Jesus". So very sweet!!

Sarah said...

That is so sweet! Chloe's nickname came from something similar. We were watching the Veggie Tales about Miriam and baby Moses shortly after Chloe was born. Emma said, "I want a baby moses." I told her she has a baby Chloe, but she wanted to call her Moses. So it's been Chloe Moses ever since, which evolved into Moseroo. From the mouths of babes eh!

Melissa said...

Parker sounds like such a sweetie! My Megan says tells me she NEEDS to do stuff all the time. LOL!

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