Nine whole months...

Griffin Jacob turned nine months on Wednesday. I can't believe he has been out in the world as long as I carried him in my body. I much prefer him on the outside! Even though he keeps me running and just a bit on my toes, he has much more personality out here. For the longest time, I thought my baby inside of me didn't have limbs and was very passive--for lack of movement. However, I was so wrong. Oh, so wrong! There is not one bit of passivity in this child. He knows what he wants and will figure out a way to get it. Some may call it being resourceful...I call it being a rascal! But for every ounce of rascal-ness, he is every bit as sweet. He's purely a mama's boy and I plan to keep him that way forever.

My dear Griffin...I love you and you know it. I wish I had some of your spunk and personality. Your smile is so adoring and so contagious. Everyone mentions how happy you are. My favorite times with you are when you are content to sit on my lap and receive my endless kisses on that adorable forehead. You are a light in this house, Griff and you are so loved. In fact, I love your everything. Love, Mama

For the record...pulls to standing, crawls all over, eats everything (including non-edibles), loves Parker so much, says "mama" ,"dada" and "Karker", 19 lbs 8 oz, 27 1/2 inches, healthy as a horse and verrrrry adorable:)


Ginainchina said...

what a sweetie! i can't believe he can already say 3 words :) thats incrediable!!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Um, he's talking?!?! Forget my child's milestones, that's amazing! Wow! Yeah, Hudson is nowhere near talking yet.

Can you believe our babies are 9 months old?!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...
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Anonymous said...



Amy said...

you have a smart kiddo!

Carrie said...

Happy 9 month Birthday Griffin! My son didn't talk until he was 2 so hearing my daughter use 5 or 6 words is such a treat. Isn't it wonderful to know what their thinking/talking about (at least some of the time)?

Sarah said...

Such a sweet little nine month old you are Griff! Amy, loved your letter to him. That will be so special for him some day. Also love your picture choices below, priceless!

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