Writing that title above reminded me of Friday night TV during the nineties. I loved me some Full House, Step by Step, Family Matters:) Anybody else remember those cheesy theme songs? At this point in my life, I don't count the days until TGIF. I can't say I even know what is on on Fridays now as I tend to prefer Thursday programming:)

I'll tell you what, I am sure glad this week is coming to a close and a weekend is coming. As for our family emergency, we saw an extraordinary turnaround and the week is ending in a much different way than we all expected. I truly believe that it was a miracle. The whole ordeal got me thinking a lot about the depths God will go to reach us...even sacrificing his own son. All glory to God.

My kids are sick with a bit of a cold ('tis the season) and I'm in the mood to nap. I really think I could sleep for hours but I've got stuff to do during nap time. I've really never understood the whole "nap while the children are sleeping" thing. I always want to try but it never works out. Maybe I should try harder...but I have a plan!

I buy new Christmas music every year and this year, I have my heart set on this one:I've actually never listened to it but I figure it will be wonderful since I love Bebo, love Christmas...so I will love it. I plan on purchasing it this weekend. And then this is my plan...I've thought a lot about this: I will pour myself a cup of coffee, add some Peppermint Mocha Coffee-Mate, light this delicious candle (thanks mom), and relax to my heart's content. Am I dreaming?



Wendy said...

Glad to hear things are ok. Hope your kiddos feel better soon.

There have been very few times I have napped since having kids. I always lay there thinking of all the things I should be doing.

Anonymous said...

TGIF!!! Hope Parker & Griffin feel better soon
Have a nice weekend
Take care. Hugs


jen said...

What a fun post! I loved TGIF, too. My sister sent me a link to watch the video clips of the intro songs to those old shows--The Facts of Life, Eight is Enough, etc. What memories!

Have fun with your candle, new CD and yummy coffee. I didn't know Bebo Norman made a Christmas album. I'll have to look for it.

Aleah said...

kids have colds here too...fun stuff.
Have fun relaxing ; )
(I'll have to try that peppermint)
Good news about your family!

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Anonymous said...

that sounds so nice... i love the thought of christmas music, good smelling candle and yummy coffee! :) that Bebo CD sounds amazinzg!! hey, i have a great idea... you should put the music on the blog for the christmas season :) that way i can hear it too. ha ha ha.
glad things are better with the family stuff... love, gina

Sarah said...

Yep, it was me that called:) Right after I dialed, Chloe had a big fall and bonk on the head, so I hung up and meant to call right back, but it never happened. When would be a good time for me to try again? I love Bebo too! I told Travis I want this CD.
Love, Sarah

Bethany said...

I have been trying to decide which new Christmas cd to go with, and Bebo is one of my choices. You'll have to stop by and let me know what you think of it! :)

Melissa said...

That does look like a wonderful CD!

Kati said...

Oh TGIF friday nights...memories, memories!

Anonymous said...

I love the TGIF memories, such good family fun shows. Hope you had a good weekend and that the boys are feeling better.

Elise said...

Oh, heavens - TGIF television! Me too, me too! ;) I still love to watch those shows... whatever happened to (mostly) wholesome shows like that? I also really loved "The Cosby Show".

And I adore Bebo - I hadn't heard of this Christmas album, though! Hooray! We always buy a new one every year, too, so this is on the list! Thanks!

Jen said...

I had to smile just thinking about those old shows! :) I remember watching them with Rissy on Friday nights! :) I'm so excited, I didn't realize that Bebo had a Christmas CD! Let me know what you think!
Love you!
ps. See you tonight!

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Yes, your TGIF post conjured up tons of memories. =) I hope you enjoyed your weekend, complete with coffee and Bebo Norman's Christmas CD. Thinking of you...

Kathie said...

Enjoyed reading through your posts so much. Especially loved Parker's comments about holding Avree. How precious God's little ones are.
Blessings from the mission field of Costa Rica

Mama said...

I can't believe you mentioned TGIF. LAST FRIDAY, the 16th, I was at home on the phone with a friend talking about how much I missed the TGIF shows! WEIRD!!!!!!! I said, Nothing is on tv on Friday night anymore!


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