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Fall officially starts on Sunday, but Fall actually came to my part of the woods earlier this week. Last week, we were still using our air-conditioning, we ate dinner in the park on a warm evening, and I think I might have even complained about it still being HOT. I actually thought that I would have at least a couple more weeks of griping ;) But no, God has spared you all and I am pleased to announce that there will be no griping about the weather for a couple of months! Just as everyone else, it seems, loves this delightful season, I am so glad it is finally here-for real.

Today was a Rosie Thomas, coffee in hand, wrap up in a blanket and slippers with a book sort of day. Not that I did all of that, but I sure wanted to and it felt like it would have been appropriate behavior for this blustery Thursday. Instead, it was a coffee with friends/playdate and make the first trip to the gym with the kids kind of day. The coffee with friends was wonderful, but to be really honest, I was so not looking forward to our first trip to the gym. It isn't that I don't want to work out, but it is the whole process I was dreading...you know, getting everything and everyone packed up and driving down town? Plus, I'd rather exercise outside in the fresh air.

We're fairly active people, but now that things are cooling down, we are trying to be proactive about making sure we stay healthy all year long. For me, not exercising is not an option. I have to do it for myself and my family. I've found that if I go too long with out working out, I tend to be more anxious, my energy level plummets and I'm not a lot of fun to be around. So this is something I have to do. Yeah, it is a bit of a pain to go to the gym, but I think everyone will benefit. Oh, and did I mention the very best part? We get free childcare!! The kids get to play and I get to have an hour break. Splendid!

I'm a little giddy about it right now, but ask me in the morning how I feel...I worked out muscles this afternoon that haven't been worked in maybe three years... we're talking pre-Parker pregnancy. Oh, joy!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day


Ruth said...

I love your post. Fall is such a grand and cozy time of the year. Some of our trees are finally showing some signs of changing color! And the weather is perfect to be outside all day and great for a good hike. I love being outdoors but not when it's really hot. And I am so with you on the exercising thing. People tell me I'm dilligent in going to the gym. But I really start feeling disgusting if I don't exercise on a regular basis. Yay for Fall!

andi said...

Yay for fall! Although, how quickly it arrived over here was a little bit of a shock to me...does it usually come so suddenly?

And Rosie Thomas, such nice fall music!

andi said...

Yay for fall! Although, how quickly it arrived over here was a little bit of a shock to me...does it usually come so suddenly?

And Rosie Thomas, such nice fall music!

Jenn Lynn said...

I have fallen in love with Rosie Thomas, all because of you. I listen to your stand-alone player all day at work. =)

Kudos on the working out. I'm thoroughly impressed. I am the girl that hates, abhors any kind of physical activity. =) Someday, this stance may have to change though...

Sandy said...

Hi Amy! I'm with ya on the exercise. All of my 16+ yrs of marriage I have exercised routinely, even walking thru my pregnancies. I understand how it is not an option, to NOT do it! Luckily my husband feels the same way and plays soccer and cycles. I run with my running partners at 5:30 in the mornings (early, yes, but so worth it!).
Oh, and I commented back to you re the applesauce, on my blog :)
Happy Sunday tomorrow!

Sandy said...

oh, btw, I LOVE Fall!

Aleah said...

I need to get my heart pumping more often....
Have fun in the gym!
Feeling fall over here too. I've been washing shorts today for the last time until next summer!
Happy Fall to you!

Love, Aleah

Linda said...

Ah, the gym...that is cool that your kids can play for free. What a special treat. I have to work out too, for all the same reasons you mentioned. It is a necessary evil, but a GOOD one.
I totally, absolutely LOVE the FALL.

Stacy said...

Go for it! I started running in July and now I miss it when I can't get out there. You'll feel better and stronger through the winter for your family!

Elise said...

Perfect. It rained all day here, and the wind blew c-c-c-c-old! :)

I love this time of year too - wish I was there to have coffee with you!

Good for you and the gym! You already *know* the benefits - keep reminding yourself! I have a treadmill so I can avoid the gym - but my kiddos are a little older, so I can also hop on during quiet time and know the baby is sleeping, and the olders are reading or playing quietly. Soon for you, I think! :)

Liz said...

We are still waiting for fall to arrive here, 85 degrees does not feel very cozy! :) I am sure it will be soon enough!

Wow, good for you...I am totally inspired. I wish I had more energy to work out. I believe in staying fit and taking care of my body...I just can't seem to find the energy this pregnancy to do it. If the energy won't come I guess I'll have to stick with chasing the kids and eating well. Hopefully that will help! :)

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