Delayed Gratification

Some of the last sunflowers from the summer. They're from a friend's yard...I tend to kill plants.

Delayed Gratification
...I used to hear my parents use this term all of the time and it usually meant something I didn't want to hear. This weekend, we had a little bit of delayed gratification. There was an itty bitty mix-up and Joel ended up needing to work the weekend instead of spending a family weekend together. Kind of a strange turn of events, but now that he has worked the weekend, he gets both Monday and Tuesday off. Nice! I actually didn't mind that I was alone with the kids because we had a fun weekend anyway....friends and family galore:) Now it is time for our weekend and we hope to do a whole lot of nothing...together.

Griffin has been a Mr. Grumpy Pants. I think he's getting some teeth ...or he's sick...or he's nervous about his new-found mobility...or this is his new disposition. Hope not on that last one! However, he's pretty cute crawling (actually lunging) all over the floor. Oh, and Parker....he's been showing us how he learned to break dance! Someday, I will catch it on video. Some recent random pictures...


Ruth said...

Wow Amy. Your boys are getting so big! and it looks like Griffin is getting that same blonde hair his brother has? Have a great "weekend" with your family.

Jenni said...

Wow Amy, I would absolutely love to see Parker break dance! I miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. I can't wait to see Parker break dance :) Hugs & kisses to the boys for me


Amy said...

such cute boys! and so different!!! i really think that parker will be more you and griffin more joel. does everyone say that?

Amy said...

ok, i feel stupid! i hadnt been able to be online for quite sometime and i just scrolled down to your other entry about griffin and joel looking alike. sheesh!

Liz said...

Your boys are adorable!

Hope your enjoying your time together as a family!

Jennisa said...

It's fun to see photos of them next to each other...Isn't it crazy how they can look so different from each other, but you can STILL tell they're brothers?

Cutie patooties! :)

Jenn Lynn said...

Oh Amy, you have such beautiful boys! I can't wait to meet them and actually hang out with them in person. And quite frankly, I just LOVE unexpected days like that, where we get to just hang out and do nothing... together. I'm sure its been wonderful.

PS... I can't wait either. We need to chat soon.

Aleah said...

Wow, what hits me most is Parker...he looks a lot older!
I think Cole has the same shirt as Griffin - Dinosaurs on front?
Cute little boys you've got there. :)

Love, Aleah

Wendy said...

Beautiful flowers - yellow is my favorite!

Your boys have the most beautiful blue eyes!

Sandy said...

Have a great time, Amy!
Love the "last" sunflowers :)

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