Do you think they're related?

Seriously, this little guy doesn't look like his daddy, does he?! Holy schmoly...I have no idea who his mom is:))

I do have little things to blog about and I had planned on doing that tonight, however, we decided to watch The Departed after the boys went to bed. I love watching movies with my husband....but if you're looking for a funny, inspirational, pick-me-up, movie, full of life and loveliness...do not watch this one! Definitely a well done movie, though....especially if you like bullets!


Sue said...

Good morning daughter! Just thinking of you and all the boys. Love Mom

Jamie said...

I love it Amy! I feel the same way about Noah and Micah, who's the mama?...What a beautiful family you have!

Kelsey said...

Oh, how CUTE! Griff looks so cozy and ready for fall in that outfit! Love you!


Jenn Lynn said...

Awwww... that is a wonderful picture of Joel and Griffin. But I gotta admit, I still a little bit of you in Griffin. Maybe its in the eyes? But yes, there is definitely a strong resemblence between the two of them.

The older Hudson gets, the more he looks like Jon. It's crazy!

4littlemen said...

Hello... I just found your blog from a link on Aleah's blog. Very cute boys you have. I know how you feel about dad and son looking alike. I have 4 boys and I think they are all 90% dad.

Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Griffin & Joel. Hope all is wonderful in your world


Sarah said...

Wow! Yes, Joel is Griffin's daddy for sure. I also see you though. And this may sound really funny, but your husband looks very familiar to me, we'll have to chat about any Colorado connections. Or maybe he just has one of those familiar faces.

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