A quote I read on Liz's blog a while ago...

In "Tender Mercy for a Mother's Soul" Angela Thomas says..."In motherhood, I have come to know the weakest parts of myself. I see where other moms are more and I am less. I feel the weight of wanting to be all and struggling to be in part. There are more hardships and difficulties than I could have ever anticipated. To love my family, care for a home, and pursue my passions is to be confronted with the truth of my weakness. I am not enough. I cannot possibly do it all. But then Jesus speaks and says, 'There-right there in the weakness of motherhood-there is where My power is perfected. My grace in you will be more than enough .' [paraphrase from 2 cor 12:9] And I can rest. I can breath a deep sigh of relief and rest. The power of Christ covers my weak places and supernaturally makes me strong."

I've always liked that "Bloom where you are planted" quote...but I'd like to change it to "Bloom using the seed you've been given" :)

Like a lot of women, I often dwell on what I am not, how I fail to measure up, how I don't fit the mold, and how I'm just not good enough. I have a huge list of things that I'm not gifted in...allow me to share just a few:

*I'm not a great organizer*I forget things*I'm not a linear thinker*not a great multi-tasker*I don't stick to a strict schedule with my children*I'm not super crafty*I don't like to bake*my house isn't always perfectly clean*I don't always follow through*I lose my temper sometimes*I have anxiety*I'm easily overwhelmed*sometimes I don't say the right things at the right time*I don't have a super-neat life of order*I can be lazy*I'm not, I'm not, I'm not....

BUT....I've been thinking a lot about how I've been uniquely created and I've been given a special set of gifts for my role in life. These gifts are more important than the numerous ways that I fail to meet the standard. Now, this isn't intended to be a boastful list, just a way for me to reflect on the gifts God has given me, instead of the areas in which I struggle...

*I'm sensitive to my family's needs*I'm a good communicator*I'm resourceful*I have vision and can see the big picture*I'm a thinker*I try to think before I speak*I listen*I am a fun mom--we dance, we sing, we play, we read...lots!*I like to cook*I find humor in tough situations*I can make a house a home*I'm a relaxed mama*I let the kids get dirty*my kids and my husband know I love them because I tell them/show them*I know how to relax*I am a nurturer*I am a passionate person*I love deeply*I love God*I recognize this is a gift....because He loved me first.

Instead of focusing on that first list...I've been thinking, praying about the gifts I do have and have become more thankful for how I have been created. This way, I can be of much more use to everybody...if I can bloom using the seed I've been given!

So since we find ourselves fashioned into all these excellently formed and marvelously functioning parts in Christ's body, let's just go ahead and be what we were made to be, without enviously or pridefully comparing ourselves with each other, or trying to be something we aren't. From Romans 12

I'm sure I'll be coming back to this list once in a while to remind myself of my good intentions:)


Wendy said...

What great thoughts! We all have lists like your 1st one and it is easy to focus on it. Thanks for this reminder. We are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.

Amanda said...

Well Amy, this is your best blog post ever! Thank you. Last night I was taking a bath and basically telling God how much I feel I don't measure up. There are a few blogs out there I read and I think, "If this is what a stay at home mom is supoosed to do, I am in the wrong job!" Thank you for sharing and being honest. THANK YOU. I can bake, but that's it! :) I'm NOT crafty for sure. If you lived here or I lived there, I think we would be best friends. Our husbands would get along too!

Aleah said...

Great post Amy!
I was just talking to someone about this general topic last week!
I've got my lists too....

Elise said...

His mercies are new every morning...

We are all works in progress. And will remain so. Your words remind me of this, and remind me to make that better list more often, and giving the glory for it to God.

Thanks, friend. What a way to start my day! :)

According to HIS Power said...

Oh Amy, this is so true! How often I feel as if I don't measure up to the "perfect moms". If only we would stop and realize that "perfect mom" is a MYTH! No one is super mom. This is such an encouraging post and thank you so much for brightening my day!


Yannette Valdivia said...

Hi Amy,

I am not an active blogger but enjoy snooping around and I have been encouraged by you today. I read your lists and can say that you and I are alot alike. I also struggle and feel inadequate at times. I want to be a Godly mother and a Godly wife. Sometimes I feel like I don't measure up, but its good to see that others feel that way too and that God has made us all so unique and special. All with gifts to share.

Jenn Lynn said...

I absolutely LOVED this post, Amy! What truth you wrote, truth that we all need to hear more often. And I think I will have to make a similar list for myself. You and I would be good for each other; I hate to cook, but love to bake. And I hear you on the relaxed mama point. I am such a relaxed mommy and it drives my mom and sister a little nuts. But its just how I work...

Great post!

Liz said...

I agree, I LOVED this post! I love your heart and honesty. Obviously this is something that a lot of us struggle with.

One of my favorite verses right now: PS 103:14
"As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him; for he knows how we are formed, he remembers that we are dust." I love to think on this verse when I am struggling with my failures. God knows me and my limitations...I cannot be and do it all. I have freedom in His grace to be who He has created me to be!

Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder to focus on the areas where God HAS gifted me!

Anonymous said...

amy, is it really working!! What a beautiful quote. I also have one more to had to your "good at" list. God have given you the gift of writing. A gift that you share w/ others in a way that makes them think, laugh, and breathe a sigh of relief knowing they are not alone. I love you sister


Katy said...

I really enjoyed this post in your blog...it is soo true! thanks for sharing it!!! :)

Borbe Bunch said...

Thank you for a great post, that has reminded me the GOD is perfect in His creation of me and who I am....perfectly made for my precious family....us Moms can so easily fall into a trap of comparing, thanks for writing about focusing on the GOOD!!!
God bless,

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