this is fun...

I'm really starting to realize the benefit of having two children in under two years. They are really getting into playing together and like many of the same toys. Griffin was in a bit of a grumpy mood yesterday (which is rare), but Parker was able to get this reaction out of him the entire day. They had some fun destroying the bedroom, of course:) Brothers...what a blessing!


HappyMama said...

Oh Amy, your children are beautiful! I love that photo of them. How precious!

Ginainchina said...

awesome! what a refreshing post :)
love, gina

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how much griffen looks like joel and parker like you! i bet you hear that all the time :)
love, amy rap

Kati said...

Such a sweet photo! The boys are way too cute!

Jennisa said...

That is a fun photo! They are going to be best buds, for sure, when they grow up!

Sandy said...

Similar memories with my two boys! :)

Munchkin Land said...

I just love this picture. This is why I want four kids. I want Devyn to have a sister and Hudson to have a brother. But God knows best, huh?

Aleah said...

I have a picture of our two oldest just like that - the first time they dumped out all the toys together ; )
Closeness in age does have it's perks!

(Did you guys a fun visit?)

Liz said...

Oh what a sweet picture! Brothers are a blessings. My boys are starting to play really well together now...and get into trouble together too! :)

Lovin' on my Boys said...

Hi Amy!

I found your blog through Lindsey's and wanted to let you know how great I think it is! I have two boys also... it's the best ;) Keep up the great stories!


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