There are many things I could write about our weekend away...how great it was to see people and how we love and miss them...the hospitality and generosity of others...how the weather on the other side of the state made me glad we still have summer over here:)...so many things! However, I really want to just say how blessed my children are to have such wonderful cousins!

Mattison and Sean are older than our boys by quite a bit, but I know that they will always be the ones that Parker and Griffin look up to and admire. Parker woke up this morning so sad because Mattison and Sean weren't here to play with. Parker is so obsessed with Sean that he has dreams about him. They are just so darn cool! They treat my children like they are little treasures and I love them for that. They are truly treasures to us.

Audrey and Elliot are very close in age to my boys and will soon live very close. This weekend, we had a bit of a glimpse of what is to come! Parker is all boy, Audrey all girl...but somehow they both just crack one another up. Parker also talked this morning about how he wanted to play with Audrey! I think they will have a very special relationship in the future. As far as the youngest boys (2 months and 6 months)...Griffin tried to roll over onto little Elliot this weekend! I'm sure they will be great buds:) I'm so excited to have them live close so I can love on those little ones...

I really want my kids to love Mattison, Sean, Audrey, and Elliot more like they are siblings than cousins. I think that it is really up to the parents to create the environment for this kind of relationship to bloom. I've been watching others that seem to be really good at this. Joel's Auntie Maggie, in particular, is a master at this! She loves each one of the cousins like they are her own children. Without the competition for attention and love, the relationships between cousins are allowed to flourish. The cousins have wonderful relationships, I believe, even though they aren't all close in age. What a gift! I want that for my children! Not only do I want that for my children, but I want that for my nieces and nephews. But I'm realizing that this type of thing doesn't just happen...it must be intentional.

I am not sure if she reads this, but thank you Auntie Maggie for showing us all how to do it! You are amazing and so special to us!


Cousin Nicole said...

We definitely have a very special family! That post hits the spot on describing our family about being closer than just cousins and what a special comment about my mom! It is very true and she is incredible at making everyone feel so special! I strive to be like her as a friend, and mother eventually. P.S. You're boys are the best!

andi said...

Seeing you guys this weekend definitely made our upcoming move that much easier- I was reminded of all the awesome reasons why this move will be great for my little family- we will be able to live close to you!!

And I really really hope that our kids grow up to be close too! :)

Sarah said...

What wonderful pictures and great insight about fostering relationships for our kids, it really does start with the parents. You have a simply beautiful family!
Love, Sarah

Kati said...

I love Aunt Maggie!!! I'm even a cousin to the cousins and she treats me like all the others! A woman to aspire to be like...that's for sure!

Munchkin Land said...

*Sigh* We were raised more like siblings than cousins and we (none of us) would have it any other way. They are more like brothers than cousins and we're all very close. In fact, I'm having breakfast with one of them on Saturday at his new college dorm. Can't wait...

I think its a wonderful thing to aspire for and I don't think you'll regret it.

{{Praying for you! Please call with any news!}}

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