authenticity...nothing to prove?

I came across this great post at Reluctant Entertainers a while back and I keep thinking about it. The whole site is really interesting and challenges me to think about the gift of hospitality in a new way. I've been thinking a lot about this in relation to my desire to share life with other people in an authentic way....whatever that looks like. What really struck me was the comment about her guests, who were so refreshing because they had nothing to prove. Nothing to prove! Don't we all love to be friends with people who have nothing to prove? It is hard to be part of an authentic relationship when one or both are trying to prove their worth through accomplishments, possessions and such. I'd much rather hear this..."This is me...I don't know everything...I'm not perfect...and I have nothing to prove." Not only do I want to be around these type of people, but I want to be that person. How can I truly love others when I am preoccupied with myself? Anyway, it was a bit of a thought provoking post and I thought I'd share...check it out!


Sarah said...

I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately, especially in the realm of blogging. It's so easy to put our best foot forward so to speak, after all it's our chance to "prove" that we are someone great, someone worth listening to, someone worth a bloggie award. But do we really serve and lift up our sisters in Christ without sharing our darker side as well? Something I'm pondering, thanks for this post! I heard you're going to be in my state soon, Jenn is one of my dearest friends. I don't want to horn in on your time with each other, I know you've developed a neat connection through blogging, but I'd love to meet you!
In Him, Sarah

Aleah said...

I have noticed this in the blogging world also. I get really irritated by some certain things. Sometimes this blog world brings me back to highschool and the popularity contests which I don't want in to there or here! I just don't like that atmosphere!
I try to have the nothing to prove attitude but of course slip up and start thinking in "that way" again! I think it mostly comes out when we're insecure with who we're with or just our own silly self!
Have a safe & quiet drive - we just might see you after all!

Sandy said...

Hey, Amy! Thanks for referring friends over to this post. In the hospitality realm, it hit hard with a lot of people. I'm always honored when I get a bloggy award, but I stopped puting them in my side-bar for now. My purpose for blogging is to stay on course with my mission and reason why I started in the first place!
You have a great site.
Blessings, Sandy

Amy said...

This is interesting feedback, ladies! I actually wasn't writing directly about the blog world, but of course, real life spills over. I like that we can choose not to read someone's post or whatever if it seems like I wouldn't enjoy it. But anyway...you guys got me thinking!

Liz said...

I enjoyed your thoughts.They were very provoking. I want to be that person too...to be real!

Thanks for sharing Amy!

Munchkin Land said...

This is why you and I have clicked. I appreciate (need) authenticity in my friendships. I need to know that I'm not the only one struggling; I need to know that we're both giving and taking from the friendship. Great post!!

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