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He might look angelic but in this picture, Parker was a second away from spitting water out of his mouth onto yours truly! Look at those eyes:)

We've had a few tense days around our house. I may write about it later, but for now I will say that all things are looking up and I'm so happy about that! Also, I've been offline for a couple of days and so I'm still in the midst of catching up on all things internet. So if I owe you an email...it is coming!

I suppose Parker was just reacting to the stress in the house, but for some reason, he has been a bear of a two year old these past couple of days. Oh, such a bear! But this morning, he provided me with some much needed comic relief. So here is how it went...

He prances up to me with my baby sling over his head like Mary and Joseph:)

Parker: Mama, I'm a princess!
Me: What? A princess? No, no, no...you mean precious? You are precious?
Parker: No! (stomping his foot and grinning) Parker is a princess!!!
Me: You mean you are King Parker? Precious Parker?
Parker: (tilting his head like a beautiful princess and chuckling with that twinkle in his eye)
No, Mama...I'm a princess!

Oh, my! First of all, I have no idea where he has even heard of a princess. All he knows are trucks and trains, baseball and soccer! I'm trying to think...does The Jungle Book have a princess in it? He watched that last night. I don't know. And second, why does HE want to be one?!

Anyway, good timing my little Parker. I needed your humor this morning!


Jennisa said...

Okay, if he is anything like my Avery was, one look at a princess and she was hooked!

How funny! I wonder if tomorrow he'll prance around in your heels and put some make up on! :)

Aleah said...

Pretty entertaining! I'm sure I could pull out some stories to put you at ease, I know there's some but I'm drawing a blank!

Glad things are looking up, that's always a nice feeling!

andi said...

Um, my guess is that would be a little influence from Miss Audrey Bug this weekend- she is all about princesses and pretending to be one! She tells us that she is a princess all the time :)

Liz said...

Parker is such a cutie...look at his eyes, they say it all!

A princesses huh? That is so funny! My 4 year old boy announced loudly, as we were out to eat with my husbands parents the other day, that "I want to be a Ballerina when I grow up." You should have seen the looks we got from that one! :) I think my husband wanted to crawl under the table!

It's so great how they always find a way to make us smile! What a gift.

Carrie said...

Glad to hear things are looking up! I hope to report the same thing is true for us soon. In the Lord's time....

Sarah said...

Well Princess Parker, I have a princess Emma in my house. Perhaps if you get to meet her some day, you'll decide you want to be a prince after all:). So cute Amy!
Love, Sarah

Munchkin Land said...

Your son cracks me up! =) All boy, yet a sensitive side too. Some girl is going to be VERY lucky someday!

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