8 things meme...

Tagged by Amanda for this little meme. Thanks, Amanda! Eight random facts about Amy...Oh My!

#1 The word "meme" makes me smile because my sister's nickname for me is "Memes" and I really like it. Her other nickname for me is "Sassy Pants"... and I have no idea why she calls me that:)

#2 I have become thoroughly addicted to caffeine since Griffin was born. Maybe it was out of necessity, I don't know. It has gotten so bad that I'm almost drinking as much coffee as I did in college--and I lived on it then. At this very moment, I am drinking a Diet Coke with Cherry. It is so yummy.

#3 My favorite outdoor activity is hiking

#4 Since having Griffin and realizing I'm the only female in the house, I've decided I want to be more girly. It is very strange.

#5 I want a tattoo on my foot but I just can't decide what I want. I don't want anything trendy or something that will look stupid in a while. Any ideas?

#6 The very first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth.

#7 I think my favorite number is 7. I have many reasons for this, but Parker's birthday is on April 17th and Griffin's due date was on February 17th, but was born on the 7th.

#8 I am the middle child of three and I fit the stereotype fairly well...mediator, avoids conflict, goes with the flow. I've never felt like I received less attention, which I think is great of my parents!

p.s. I love writing these little lists because I get to be super random without feeling like a spaz:)
p.s. again...I put up a picture of Parker because I realized I've been posting mostly about Griffin lately. Parker is alive and well! He's actually so awesome right now. We're having the best time with him and he's making us laugh more than ever...


Aleah said...

I'm so behind on commenting!

Love the list!
One thing about "being girly" Philip said the first time he's seen me wear pink was when I was pregnant with Ella...maybe it's just our age too?

Tammy said...

For some reason I'm very shocked that you want a tattoo! Not that it's a bad thing at all...but I have to say that because I have a tattoo of an alpha sign (Jesus fish) on my back! ;)

AndiMae said...

I love these lists! I think I am going to write one soon too. Random question: Which foot do you want the tattoo on?

Munchkin Land said...

What if you got the word love, faith, or hope in Hebrew tattooed on your foot? That would be awesome! Actually, my sisters and I are discussing getting the word sisters in Hebrew tattooed. We'll see if that actually happens...

And I totally hear you on the caffeine thing. I am absolutely addicted since having Hudson and I'm going to have to buy a coffee maker.

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