The 1/2 B-day

I have a feeling that Griffin's half birthday will be a celebrated occasion in years to come. His birthday is in February, quite close to Christmas in my opinion....he just might need some new toys half-way through the year because he might feel deprived! Just kidding...this kid has everything he needs, but it is ME who can't resist buying my boys fun things. I was going to bake some cupcakes for today, but I decided that was pretty pointless since Griffin can't eat them and I would likely eat all of them!

So...Griffin is 6 months old today. I don't even want to talk about it...time is just flying and I don't like it! We enjoy new things about Griffin every single day. He is the happiest baby ever and the easiest I know. He still is only awake for 7 or so hours a day...and when he is awake he is super smiley and lovable. He loves to be held and still loves to eat a bunch. Griffin is sure getting into his toys lately and really likes to "turn pages" in books. Very gifted:) He spends a lot of time rolling all over the place and taking his pacifier out of his mouth and trying to put it back in. Then the tantrums start if he can't do it! He's scooting a little bit but doesn't seem super interested in crawling. I'm sooo happy about that! I hope he holds off for a while. He sits by himself until the weight of his HUGE noggin tips him over. And, as you probably know, he spits all of the time and is very talkative. Ba ba, mamba, etc. I swear he called out for "Dada" today:) He sleeps all through the night in his big boy room with Parker and only gets his brother into trouble once in a while. I can see already that we'll have some co-conspirators on our hands!

Okay, so about that huge noggin....90th% baby! He had his 6 month well child check today and the doctor got quite a kick out of poking a little fun at our Griffin! The funny part is that his head is sooo big compared to his body. He's average weight and length and then at the top of the charts of head circumference! I tell him it is okay because it just means we have more noggin to kiss and large size indicates good brain growth!

The official stats:

16 lbs 9 oz --35-40th%
26.25 inches --50th%
46 1/2 cm --90th %

I love you baby boy...so much, lots and lots, forever and ever....AMEN!


Wendy said...

Sounds like he is doing great!

Great pictures!

Leigh Gray said...

precious - i mean so sweet.... my little boy is now 9 and yes, it has flown by. you both are just adorable!!

have a great day - your blog is just too cute too!


Munchkin Land said...

Oh Amy! Six months?! Can you believe it?! Why won't time stand still and let us enjoy this time with them?! Griffin is just beautiful. I love his smiles, they light up his face! It sounds like he and Hudson are meeting some of the same milestones. Hudson still can't sit up by himself, but he's crawling. Go figure!

I hope you're having a great week!
Love, Jenn

Aleah said...

Wow! In another 6 months he'll be ONE!!
I'm sad that we'll miss you guys in a couple Sundays...we'll be camping with the fam.
I was looking forward to meeting the true Griffin ; ) since he was under the weather when we saw him.

AndiMae said...

I can't believe that Griffin is already six months old! It doesn't seem like he could be yet, but I guess it feels that way b/c I have only actually seen him in person once :(

I LOVE the picture of you and him!

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