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Like I said yesterday, Parker is so much fun now. We carry on normal conversations with real sentences. I love talking with him! However, along with great growth, we have some typical two year old issues to deal with...

Potty Mouth

I've been lucky and have been fairly successful keeping Parker away from playing in the toilet. But we're in the midst of potty training and he has more access now. In addition to the amount of times I must now clean the toilet, I can't tell you how many times a day I say the following type of things...

"Parker, get your head out of the toilet!"
"Push it down, Parker! No, not that way...the other way!"
"Parker, why is the crayon all wet?"
(His answer, of course, was that he was washing it in the potty...no brainer, Mom!)
"No Parker, you may not "flash" (his word for flush) the toilet three times."
"Oh...please wash your hands!"

I'm learning that potty-training is dirty work. If I had to do all of this while pregnant, I'm pretty sure I would have lost my lunch:) Thankfully, he is picking it up pretty fast. Oh, and have I mentioned that my husband pretty much had him trained in one day when I went to the Idol concert? What a man:)


Parker is typically what I would call "all boy"...but lately his fears have been taking over! He has bad dreams about all of his fears and wakes up yelling about animals biting him and bugs crawling on him, loud fireworks, hot fire, etc. Indeed, scary stuff. Last night, he could not sleep because he thought there was a bug in his room and to him, it was a monster. I'm serious, the boy was sweating bullets and wailing! I've been working on not trivializing his fears, because I think that is pretty easy to do...but I had to hide my giggles. So I decided to crawl into bed with him again until he fell asleep. I'm pretty sure that I'll be the one the bust that bed someday! Some might say that I was trying to be a sensitive mama...but my husband might say that I was actually trying to get out of our lovely conversation about our finances. I was just trying to be a bug-buster...really:)

*Believe it or not, I Like Bugs is one of Parker's favorite books right now. I wonder if there is a connection...*

Mother of the Year

Oh, and I forgot to add this one...it was definitely my "Mother of the Year" moment. I was in the kitchen and the boys were out in the living room playing. I overheard chatter and then something sounded not right. This is what I heard...

"Yummmm, Griffin...I like it, you like it? Ummmmm....yummy...yeah, eat it!"

I go out to inspect and find Parker feeding peanuts to Griffin! My six month old had a whole peanut in his mouth and was happy as a clam. And Parker was quite proud of himself, of course! Yes, Griffin has already had a peanut (serious allergen, choking hazzard, NOT baby food!)...not swallowed, thank goodness!


Munchkin Land said...

Oh Amy, it sounds like Parker is so much fun right now! =) We haven't even begun to tackle the potty-training thing yet. Seriously, the thought stresses me out and Devyn doesn't appear to be even close to ready. But the minute we're back from vacation next month, watch out!

I hate those finance talks but they're necessary. I, too, would have gladly crawled into bed with Devyn to get out of it. =)

Aleah said...

It seems every age has it's different but "fun" stages!
Your conversations with Parker sound all too familier. : )

I'm sure Griffin would of been just fine if he did swallow it whole - it prob. would of come out looking just the same! At least it wasn't a chunk of crayon, a bead or a tiny lego piece!

Anonymous said...

omg! i have 2 lil girls 9 and 6 and they were pretty easy for me to potty train and now i have a 4month old boy so i have a treat coming for me huh?

andi said...

Its funny the things we catch ourselves saying these days!

I almost got that exact same Bug book for Audrey at the store last week, but she chose "Ballerina Princess" instead :)

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