ready or not...

Look what Parker decided to put on this morning! He is really into taking on and off his clothes and I guess he got a bit confused today --we don't have water near us and his feet definitely aren't the size of his Daddy's!

Or maybe, just maybe... he's just brilliant and he's getting ready for our next trip. Yep, we're heading off on another summer trip this weekend, this time camping with our friends. I'm not sure I really thought about the fact that I'd be unpacking from our lake trip and packing for our camping trip at the same time. We had so much fun last year and I think this time it is going to be even better! Looks like Parker is all set to go...can't wait!


Munchkin Land said...

I am going to miss you! Have fun! And the picture of Parker is absolutely adorable!

I am so ready for your trip out here... Anxiously waiting to hug you in person!

Elise said...
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Elise said...

Whew - I feel tired just reading this! You're pretty amazing to be packing again in such good spirits! ;)

Have fun!

Oh - and I'm so jealous that you and Jenn get to meet! Hug each other for me, too! :)

Aleah said...

It'll be fun to see you guys again! Has it really been a year?
Have fun packing - and unpacking. : )

Jennisa said...

sooo cute! I didn't know you and Aleah were "real" friends! How FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of Parker. Have fun camping
Can't wait to read all about it


Wendy said...

How fun! I hope you have a great time and that is great that you will be able to meet Jen. You need to come my way sometime too.

Liz said...

That is such a cute picture! :) I love it when my kiddos do stuff like that.

Camping, sounds like fun! Our family loves to camp...although I don't know if I could do 2 trips back to back...you are a brave woman! :) Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

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