Five Months...

Griffin's five month birthday was on the seventh. For some reason, telling people that he is five months seems like a big deal--he's no longer a newborn whatsoever. People no longer make the "brand-new" type of comments. This is fine by me. I don't mind being done with the newborn stage because I love older babies. However, to say that these past five months have gone fast would be a huge understatement. It isn't even like time has gone fast...it is like time hasn't even been an element, or even a consideration since Griffin's been home. It makes me panic just a tad bit because I know that things will start flying by even faster now...and I'd really like to camp out at this age.

We're really, really enjoying Griffin right now. His personality is coming out full force and we're actually a bit surprised! He's still sweet, lovable, easy, and loves to snuggle, but now he has something new: spirit! "Spirit" might be a mama's loving way of describing a strong-will...which tends to run in the family;) Almost all of the time he is our sweet, seemingly passive little boy, but then that spirit comes out and WHAM, hits us over the head! He likes to do things by himself and if he doesn't get his way, he sure lets us know with his newly found voice or his fast-maturing muscles! He's been practicing rolling over from back to front and when he isn't successful, he gets MAD and real tears come streaming down his face. He tends to practice this move when he is getting his diaper changed and we then have to wrestle. So far, I'm still winning, but it won't be long.

He's eating solid foods now, which he LOVES! And boy, does this guy eat! Favorites right now include squash and bananas. If I let him, he'll eat the entire banana...at FIVE months! Griffin would do anything to be able to hold his bottle himself, but I'm not letting him yet and we have to have "talks" about the issue during every feeding.

Griffin still has me wrapped around his little finger, of course! He loves to play by himself, but I've been trying to carry him around more in my sling. I also sometimes lay down with him for the first few minutes of his morning nap--the one nap he gets to sleep on our bed. I love these special times with my little boy. I think Joel might think I'm a bit silly for warming up all of his bottles because Parker took them cold right out of the fridge. But I guess I'm becoming more sensitive...or something.

Griffin still hangs out with me while Daddy and Parker rough house after Joel gets home from work, but I guarantee you that it won't be long till he joins them. We often sit and watch them and Griffin just about jumps out of my lap with excitement. He is simply amazed by the two of them. I'm hoping that I stay interesting for a bit longer...I love having my little guy with me!

Happy five month birthday to my littlest man! Don't grow up too fast...


Munchkin Land said...

Oh, he sounds so much like Hudson. He is just too precious Amy, and like you said, I can't believe these guys are five months old already!! And he's already eating solid foods?! We haven't tried that with Hudson yet, I'm trying to hold off until the 6-month mark. I'm so glad that he's still a mama's boy!

Aleah said...

Happy 5th month Griffin!
Can't wait to see your tricks and that "spirit" this weekend! : )

Yes...I've been wondering why the baby stage is so short compared to the other stages in our lives! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Vicky & Uncle Paul LOVE YOU LOTS
Have fun camping

Elise said...

You, my friend, will always be interesting to me! :)

He's so sweet, and it just makes me want another little wiry boy body to hold and delight in.

AndiMae said...

Oh, sweet Griffin! You are growing up too fast! I so looking forward to being able to live closer to you and really get to know you :)

Amy, I hope you guys had an awesome time camping this weekend! I can't wait to hear all about it!

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