just so you know...

NEVER leave a two year old in his room for a nap with an entire tube of A&D Ointment laying near him. You may end up with ointment all over the room and the stuff slathered all over that lovely two year old. And your house might stink. Just so you know. Not like that sort of thing ever happens in this house--this mama is too smart and I have angels for children! I just wanted to give you a friendly tip.

Happy Wednesday:)


Aleah said...

Haven't had that one happen yet, but Ella likes to try and eat the stuff!

That sounds really fun to clean up!

AndiMae said...

Oh no! Audrey hasn't tried anything like that yet...I hope Parker doesn't teach her any of his tricks :)

Sorry you have that fun mess to clean up!

LPDraper said...

Niiiiice. Mine really liked the baby lotion.

Could be worse, however... a friend of mine's little one got his diaper off during naptime and wiped its contents (#2)everywhere.

Oh, the joys of being a Mom!

Elise said...

Thank you for the friendly tip! I wish I had one for you in return, like how to clean it all off!

All I know is, he could go roll in sand right now and he would still be able to climb a greased pole.
If that helps. ;) (I have boys, too.)

Amanda said...

Yep! It's happened here with Dr. Smith's ointment!

Jerri B said...

For us, it was baby powder--3 full bottles of it that my 4 year old son used to "make it snow" in his room so his "little people could sled". He had even stacked his toys to reach the "out of reach" bottles up on the shelf in his closet.

It took over 2 days to finishing washing the powder off and out of everything, and we only vaccuumed his carpet something like 20 times (you vaccum, let the dust settle, and vacuum again until there is no dust cloud. Then you dust and vacuum again.)

Three years later, I think it is funny.

Munchkin Land said...

For us it was baby powder, not the ointment. Oh geez, it got into everything. I think I was cleaning up baby powder dust for months!!

Thanks for the tip!! =)

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