for those who love griffin...

This little picture right here is just extra for your enjoyment and actually wasn't necessary for this post. I just can't help myself. Here he is in all of his glory. I think he was asking me why he has a hat on when it is in the nineties. Hmmmm....good question.

Since one of the purposes of this blog is to keep loved ones updated, I'm posting a video of Griffin displaying his awesome giggle. But beware, you will also hear some fairly annoying baby-talk coming from yours truly. All I can say is that it was for a very good purpose...


Aleah said...

Love the baby giggle!
Babies are especially fun at that age!

And no your baby talk is not annoying : )

From the Woodlands said...

I agree! Just darling..... : )

Laurie and Alan

Anonymous said...

Griffin's laugh, smile, and gigles just melts my heart :) So cute


Kelsey said...

Oh my goodnes...that is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! How am I so lucky to have FOUR beautiful nieces and nephews? Love you!


Jennisa said...

very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Your boys are so adorable Amy! Griffin's eyes are just captivating. Do you think he might go for a woman a few months older some day? My Chloe has the same captivating eyes, they'd make a great couple:). Baby laughs are simply the best sound! And don't worry, your baby talk just made me feel more "normal", so thanks for sharing.

Elise said...

Love it - so precious! There's just something about hearing our babies laugh, it makes us so happy - and silly! And hearing your voice was fun, too! :)

Munchkin Land said...

Oh my friend, you are SO blessed! Thank you so much for sharing that precious laugh with us; and for the peek into your life. Oh, our boys are sweet, aren't they?!

Looking beautiful, by the way! I enjoyed your baby-talk immensely. =)

AndiMae said...

Oh, I love hearing him laugh!! Thank you so much for sharing that! As for the baby talk...isn't it funny the things we will do to make our babies smile/laugh? You would probably think I was crazy if you watched me trying to get a smile out of Elliot :) Love you!

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