Same tree...different leaves

I am just a terrible multi-tasker. I was just downstairs in my basement, rummaging around for this picture and trying to eat my salad at the same time. And then it happened...my salad fell on the floor. Not all of it, but the good part-- the bacon and cheese. Ugh....and now I'm still hungry. I guess it is the price I must pay for trying to be a nice sister and put up a birthday post for Erik and Kels:)

So....happy birthday Erik and Kelsey! I feel like such a lucky girl to be the middle child and have an older brother and younger sister. I love you both so much! I can't wait until next year when we all live within a couple hours of one another again....except when Kels is out of the country:( I love this picture of the three of us--and not because of my awesome haircut or jammies. I think that I actually even remember having this taken from 20 years ago!

It is so startling to look at pictures of my brother and sister and see how my kids resemble them! I know, genetics--but is sort of crazy to see sometimes. Griffin actually makes that exact same expression that Kelsey is making in the picture. And sometimes Parker looks so much like Erik when he was a little boy, especially in the summer when his hair turns white and skin tans up a bit. Weird.

Let me say it again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE SIBLINGS! I love you...can't wait to give you both real hugs. Love, Amy

Oh, and by the way...Erik is about to become a dad for the second time very soon. His lovely wife could even effortlessly:) push the little guy out on Erik's actual birthday. Wouldn't that be cool? Well, his birthday is today...so maybe Father's day?

I'm off to clean up my bacon off of the floor...


Anonymous said...

Cute picture


Aleah said...

It's so fun to see a picture of you as a kid! I had some pink pj's just like those. My mom even cut the feet off so I could wear them longer!

Mmmm salad with bacon & cheese sounds good : )

Jennisa said...

Love the hair cut! AND, I agree...the bacon and the cheese is the BEST part of salads! Sorry yours bit the dust! Go get some chocolate instead! :D

Munchkin Land said...

Oh, I just LOVE that picture! Seriously, it's too cute, even the hair. =) Don't you just love siblings?! You all seem especially close and I'm sure you're going to be even closer when Andie and Joel move. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Ruth said...

Cute photo!

Liz said...

It is such a blessing to have sibblings that you are close too. I have a sister and brother, both of which I am close with. They both live far away though, so I miss them alot!

Kelsey said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes Sassypants! I also feel so blessed to have two amazing siblings that I love VERY much. I hope your day is going well. Love you!


P.S. I just LOVE the title of this post...:)

AndiMae said...

Aww. This is such a sweet post! And I love that picture- well, I love all the pictures of you guys as kids- you were the cutest kids ever!

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