"If you're nice to me."

This was my husband's answer tonight when I asked him if he would wake me up in the morning...uh oh! I know he was joking, but it quickly brought me back to reality. I've been so inside my head this evening, it is strange. I think I was acting mad, but I'm not at all. Just thinking...about absolutely nothing important! Like I was thinking about more feeding issues with the boys. Hmmmm...why, oh why does this have to take so much thought in my house? Can't it be straight forward? And I was also thinking about the movie we watched the other night, The Good Shepherd. There were some torture scenes in it and I was really disturbed. Anyway, totally dumb stuff to be dwelling on, especially when I have real-life family members, and legit concerns right in front of me. Do you ever get that way? So I decided to blog...lucky you!

We had one of those wonderful, no huge plans kind of weekend! We celebrated my sister's birthday...the big 2-0! As always, so great to spend time with her. She's a good one-- I think we'll keep her:) Other than that, we spent some time with friends, went to church, worked in the yard, went out on a date. We just mainly spent time together...which is the best kind of time.

I even had some time for one of my hobbies. You see, in another life, I think I would be working as a fact-checker for some big-time magazine or newspaper...I really like research. I know, totally uncool and slightly embarrassing, but it is true! So in my spare time (a.k.a time that I should be doing something more productive), I research strange facts that I've been wondering about. For instance, the other night I was wondering which months of the year have the least and greatest amount of births and ended up on the CDC website. Did you know that February has the least and July has the most? Generally, the summer months have the most birthdays. This makes sense to me because it seems that so many people are about to have babies right now, whereas I didn't feel like there were a ton of other ladies about to pop when I gave birth to Griffin. Betcha totally needed that info...

Speaking of Griffin, he's starting to come out of his goofy stage...kind of! He still has a definite hair problem--he is almost completely bald. The poor boy has gone through some stages in his four months of life and things are looking up! Just look at him...isn't he just completely edible?

Was there a point to this post? Yes, I assure you! I got some some stuff out of my head and now I can be nice;)


Munchkin Land said...

Amy, despite the fact that we've never met, you are so dear to me and I just love your randomness. =)

I do understand about being inside your head though. There are times Jon is literally waving his hands in front of my face because I've drifted away, just thinking about... stuff. =) Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my baby Griffin.So CUTE. Have a good week
Hope you & the boys are feeling better


Wendy said...

Griffin is adorable! He is growing so quickly.

I haven't seen that movie yet...maybe I don't want to?

Elise said...

Oh, he is totally edible! :)

This random post is so real - I could agree with practically everything - except that my husband actually watched "The Good Shepherd" last night - alone. I said, "No thanks!" After reading what you said, I'm glad I did!

Take heart, friend - the life of a mama is filled with moments of wondering about food issues, and taking joy in the goofiness of stages - enjoy it! (((Amy)))

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness, Griffin has gotten soo cute! Not that he wasn't cute before, but he just looks so much more grown-up now!

Sue said...

What can I say... I just love you...everything about you! You 'get me and I think I 'get' you!
Now that last pic of Griffin.. he is SO Joel AND SO you all in the same face. Of course cute...
I see that we are purusing blogs at the same time today. I actually got turned back from posting a comment cause your comment was processing! :)

Liz said...

Hi Amy, just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog.

I can so relate to this post..I find my head in the clouds all the time...and my poor husband. I think maybe I've also lost a few brain cells from having babies...haha! :)

You have a beautiful family...you are such a sweet mommy to your boys!

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