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How can a little boy, who is so lovely and whom I love more than life....drive me SO CRAZY! Yes, this little man is currently pushing my buttons. He may look cute and he isn't that big, but he sure can make a mess of things. Like, for instance, right this very minute...he is in his room, removing every piece of clothing (including his diaper) and then crying because he can't get to sleep for his nap. I know this because he has been doing this repeatedly for about an hour an a half. I can deal with the clothes coming off...but the diaper? No! What to do...what to do? Duct tape? :) Totally kidding...but very tempting. Oh, my!

I must get this boy potty trained!

Hmmm....and I bet none of you other moms have ever experienced anything like this:) Just a day in the life, eh?


Aleah said...

YES! Duct tape!! Do you have any handy?
No we've never been through this at all ; )
Right now my boys are chatting up a storm downstairs because I let them sleep in the same room for nap time, what was I thinking?
Good luck getting him to sleep!

Love, Aleah (I'll be moving Cole up to his bed now)

Munchkin Land said...

I'm sorry, I really shouldn't laugh but I can so relate! I wonder if there's something in the air? Devyn WOULD NOT, DID NOT take a nap yesterday and it drove me crazy! Especially because it made for L-O-N-G night too. Hang in there.

We haven't even attempted potty training yet. Yikes!

Ginainchina said...

i nannyed a boy for 2 years that would poop before his nap and put his hands down his pants and smear it! ugh. i ended up putting a onsie and overalls on to sleep for his nap, he coudlnt get into it very well :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Parker need some one on one time with Auntie Vicky.. :)

Jennisa said...

But, then after potty training, then it's the nap excuse "I have to go potty" over and over and over, and what can you do? These darn kids take advantage of what they have control over, don't they? My oldest started to drive me bonkers after Liv was born. I think the more kids we have, our patience dissapears (at least mine seems to :D)

Anonymous said...

try putting on footless pajamas backwards so he can't unzip or unbotton them.

Elise said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, for I have been through this stage, and I know it well!

The one thing I want you to remember is that it WILL pass! It will get better, and in a couple weeks, you'll say, "Why did I get so worried? It always gets better!" At least, that's what I always (still) find myself saying. :)


Wendy said...

I have actually done duct tape on diapers at nap time. When my son was around Parker's age he would take his diaper off after going #2 (which always seemed to happen at nap time) and we would come in to find it on the walls and carpet. No fun!

Kati said...

Everyone keeps informing me that "it's only going to get worse" with Kallen since he's not even two yet! Gee thanks!

Yes...what a test our little munchkin's can be at times, and they seem to pick the "perfect" times to test us!

We haven't had nap time issues yet (and yes...I know they're coming), but the diaper tends to come off periodically throughout the day...so I too may be resorting to duct tape!

Melanie said...

Nothing wrong with a little duct tape, now and then ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I can SOOOO relate!

We've resorted to putting a zipped up sleeper on and using a diaper pin at the top, making sure it goes through the hole in the zipper pull. Then I turn up the AC so he doesn't roast in the sleeper.

Some parents have used duct tape and overalls that they can't get undone -- I tried those, but he still got his hands down there and undid the diaper or just pulled his mess out of the diaper.

It is SOOOO frustrating -- although it's offers a LITTLE comfort to know other moms are dealing with the same thing.

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